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7 Regulations Submodel Project Management  

  7 Regelungen Submodell Projektmanagement

  • 7.1 Overview
  • 7.2 The Activities of Submodel PM
  • 7.1 Overview

    The regulations of Submodel Project Management (PM) have no impact at all on organizational definitions. The V-Model does not include regulations about how the activities of submodel PM have to be executed in a project by a person or how they are allocated to which organizational units.

    Activities of submodel PM refer to the following objects:

    7.2 The Activities of Submodel PM

    PM1 - Project Initialization
    PM2 - Placement/ Procurement
    PM3 - Contractor Management
    PM4 - Detailed Planning
    PM5 - Cost/Benefit Analysis
    PM6 - Phase Review
    PM7 - Risk Management
    PM8 - Project Control
    PM9 - Information Service/Reporting
    PM10 - Training/Instruction
    PM11 - Supplying Resources
    PM12 - Allocation of Work Orders
    PM13 - Staff Training
    PM14 - Project Completion

    Figure 7.1
    Figure 7.1: Overview of Functions in Submodel PM

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