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QA 3: Process Assessment of Activities  

  QS3 - Prozeßprüfung von Aktivitäten

  • Product Flow
  • Handling
  • Explanation
  • Roles
  • Methods
  • Tools Requirements
  • External Norms
  • Product Flow

    From Product to Methods Tool Req. Ext. Norms
    Activity State Chapter Title Activity State
    QA1 accepted All QA Plan - - AUD   /ISO IEC 12207/

    QA Proc.:
    Proc. Assurance,

    Verif. Proc.:

    Audit Proc.:

    Improv. Proc.:
    Proc. Assess.

    QA2 accepted All Assessment Plan - -  
    QA2 accepted All Assessment Specification - -  
    - - All Assessment Report QA5 -  

    + "Chapter" are extra columns from the original printed version of GD 250


    During the process assessment it is determined if the given methods and project standards are adhered to when certain activities are realized. The assessment may be for SD, QA, CM and PM activities.


    Process assessments should be defined particularly for activities CM3 - Change Management (Configuration Control) or CM4.4 - Data Backup since deviations from the defined procedure might have very critical consequences.

    In case process assessments are defined for the QA activities themselves, then it is important that the implementor of the QA activities and the assessors are sufficiently independent of each other; this can be achieved by allocating appropriate roles.


    Role Participation
    QA Manager responsible
    Assessor cooperating


    Product Methods Allocation Use
    The assessment process itself AUD- Audit Assess

    Tools Requirements

    Being defined

    External Norms

    Norm Process Chapter Obs.
    /ISO IEC 12207/ Quality Assurance Process Process Assurance (s. Part 3 - ISO 3.2.2)
    Verification Process Verification (s. Part 3 - ISO 3.2.2)
    Audit Process Audit (s. Part 3 - ISO 3.2.2)
    Improvement Process Process Assessment (s. Part 3 - ISO 3.2.3)

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