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R.2.16 Technical Author  

   Technischer Autor

  • Tasks
  • Required Know-how and abilities
  • Activities
  • Tasks

    Required Know-how and abilities


    Activity Participation
    SD1.5 - User-Level System Structurecooperating
    SD2.1 - Technical System Designcooperating
    SD2.6 - Specification of System Integrationcooperating
    SD3.5 - Definition of Requirements for the Development and SWMM Environmentcooperating
    SD4.1 - SW Architecture Designcooperating
    SD 4.2-HW: Generation of the Preliminary Design of a HW Unitcooperating
    SD4.3 - Specification of SW Integrationcooperating
    SD 4.4-HW: Specification of HW Integrationcooperating
    SD 5.1-HW: Generation of Detailed Designs for HW Components/HW Modulescooperating
    SD5.1 - Description of SW Component/Module/Databasecooperating
    SD8.3 - Product Supplycooperating
    SD9.1 - Contribution to Support for Introductioncooperating

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