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RE 1.1: Recording of Actual Status  

  RE1.1 - Ist-Aufnahme durchführen

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    External (1) - All Existing source code - -
    External (1) - All Further information (2) - -
    - - 2 User Demand.
    Actual Status
    being proc.


    During the actual status recording, the source code of the IT system to be processed is collected and all other available information (including information about the HW Units and those parts that are not part of the IT system) will be Under technical (not, however, economic) aspects it is irrelevant if this is a source code in a higher programming language or in Assembler. If written in Assembler, the source code can also be generated by means of disassembling, i. e. by re-compilation of the machine program into the corresponding Assembler commands. However, this is not true for higher programming languages since upward compilation would not lead back to the source code.

    In general, it is a requirement for the investigation of further information (and information sources) that there is an introduction into the environment of the customer prior to or parallel to this investigation, i. e. that there is the possibility to have insight into the customer's organizational structure, his internal regulations, orders, rules, and the like, which might have an impact on the special technical tasks of the users.

    Particularly apt areas for the search of further information (and information sources) are the environment of users, SD, QA, CM, and PM managers and representatives. Suitable information may be obtained from persons with the corresponding know-how in a written or machine readable form.

    The primary interest during the actual state inventory is directed towards the source code acquisition/collection and the technical/special information since these aspects are the essential information for the planned reverse engineering measures. Contrary to this, the acquisition/collection of software-related information, e. g. the SW Design (Module/Database), the SW Architecture, and the Technical Requirements, are of secondary importance, since in reverse engineering they can be derived directly from the source code. The collection of such information may only be justified because it may also include user-level information on the software. Since it is not intended to include user-level SW information in the products generated during the reverse engineering measures and since no transformation of existing SW-related documents in V-Model product is planned, it is not necessary to match correctness and consistency with the source code. Neither would this be advisable from an economic point of view since the direct derivation of SW-related source code requires quite a lot of time and money.

    Before archiving any of this information it is structured according to appropriate aspects:

    The results of this activity are documented in the product User Demand.Actual Status.


    The information collected during recording the actual status is best stored with the help of tools, e. g. by using a CM tool.

    Modifications should only be made for a copy of the collected information since the original information should be kept as documentary material for the approval of the customer.


    (1)   Customer

    (2)   Other system and software documentation and all other available information.

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