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RE 1.4: Investigation of Technical Feasibility  

  RE1.4 - Technische Durchführbarkeit untersuchen

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    Activity State Chapter Title Activity State
    External (1) - All Existing source code - -
    External (1) - All Further information (2) - -
    RE1.1 being proc. 2 User Demand.Actual Status - -
    RE1.2 being proc. 3 User Demand.Current Analysis - -
    RE1.3 being proc. 4 User Demand.Possible Solutions - -
    - - 5 User Demand.Technical Feasibility RE1.5 being proc.


    In this activity it is checked if the basic Technical Requirements (Reverse Engineering) for the realization of the planned reverse engineering measure have been met. The following questions have to be clarified: It is not necessary to meet all of the listed requirements for each planned reverse engineering measure. The following is true, for example, for the typical reverse engineering tasks: The results of the investigation of the technical feasibility are documented in the product User Demand.Technical Feasibility. They represent the basis for the initial decisions about the question if the reverse engineering measures can be realized. The final decision about the realization of these measure results from the investigation of the economic efficiency of the planned reverse engineering measure.

    (1)   Customer

    (2)   Other system and software documentation and all other available information.

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