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RE 2.1: Measuring Existing Source Code  

  RE2.1 - Vorhandenen Quellcode messen

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    Activity State Chapter Title Activity State
    External (1) - All Available source code - -
    RE1.5 accepted All User Demand - -
    - - 5 Case Report "Measuring the Source Code".
    Measuring the Available Source Code
    being proc.


    In this activity, the available source code is measured on the basis of sub product User Demand.Possible Solutions by using appropriate software measures so software-related improvements can be achieved and confirmed, and the measurements of the old source can be compared with the results of the measurements of the improved code.

    Since it is the objective of reverse engineering measures to improve the maintainability of the software to be processed, this activity has to use such software measurements that make it able to assess the maintainability of the software. The results of the measurements of the available source code are documented in the Case Report "Measuring the Source Code".Measuring the Available Source Code.


    Software measurements, in particular those that can be used to measure the control flow and the data flow are appropriate for the evaluation of the software maintainability.

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