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RE 3: Restoring the Technical Aspects  

  RE3 - Wiedergewinnung der technischen Sicht

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    From Product to
    Activity State Chapter Title Activity State
    External (1) - All Further information (2) - -
    RE1 accepted All User Demand - -
    RE2 being proc. All Implementation Document: SW Module - -
    All SW Module
    All Implementation Document: Database
    All Database
    - - All System Architecture RE5 being proc.
    - - All Interface Overview External (1) submitted
    - - All Interface Description External (1) submitted
    - - All SW Architecture RE5 being proc.
    - - All SW Design: Module
    SW Design: Database
    RE5 being proc.
    - - All Data-Dictionary RE4 being proc.
    - - All Technical Requirements External (1) submitted
    - - All Operational Information:
    User Manual
    Diagnosis Manual
    Operator Manual
    Other Application Information
    RE7 submitted
    - - All Integration Plan RE6
    External (1)


    In this activity, using the information of the User Demand the technical view of the software is extracted. The technical view is documented in the products System Architecture , Interface Description , SW Architecture, SW Design: Module , SW Design: Database , Data-Dictionary , Technical Requirements , Operational Information and Integration Plan .


    RE 3.1: Restoring the System Architecture
    RE 3.2: Restoring Internal and External System Interfaces
    RE 3.3: Restoring the Process Design
    RE 3.4: Description of SW Architecture
    RE 3.5: Description of Internal SW Interfaces
    RE 3.6: Description of SW Design
    RE 3.7: Generation of Data Dictionary
    RE 3.8: Description of Technical Requirements
    RE 3.9: Specification of SW Integration
    RE 3.10: Specification of the System Integration

    Figure RE.3
    (start daVinci Graph Visualization Tool v2.0)

    Figure RE 3: Restoring the Technical Aspects


    (1)   Customer

    (2)   Existing system and software documentation, at best existing configuration documents.

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