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RE 3.4: Description of SW Architecture  

  RE3.4 - SW-Architektur beschreiben

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    Activity State Chapter Title Activity State
    RE2.3 being proc. All Implementation Document: SW Module - -
    All SW Module
    All Implementation Document: Database
    All Database
    RE3.1 being proc. All Operational Information :
    User Manual
    Diagnosis Manual
    Operator Manual
    Other Application Information
    RE3.6 being proc.
    RE3.3 being proc. 2 Software Architecture.
    Modularization/Database Design
    being proc.


    This activity describes the SW Architecture on the basis of the improved source code and by taking into consideration the process design restored from the preceding subactivity. In this connection, matching SW Modules and Databases are individually allocated to a SW Unit; the interconnections are documented. The exchange of data or the shared use of data are the criteria for matching SW Modules and Databases into one SW Unit. Thus it must be specified which importing and exporting relationships exist between the SW Modules.

    The results of this activity are a description of the static structuring of a SW Unit into SW Modules, in the sense of a "consists-of" hierarchy, and a preliminary design of the possibly existing/available Databases of the SW Unit. This is documented in the product Software Architecture.Modularization/Database Design that is generated for each SW Unit. Information about operations relating to the SW Unit are generated on the basis of the SW Architecture.

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