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RE 3.5: Description of Internal SW Interfaces  

  RE3.5 - SW-interne Schnittstellen beschreiben

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    Activity State Chapter Title Activity State
    RE2.3 being proc. All Implementation Document: SW Module - -
    All SW Module
    All Implementation Document: Database
    All Database
    RE3.2 being proc. All Interface Overview External (1) submitted
    RE3.2 being proc. All Interface Description RE3.9
    External (1)
    RE3.4 being proc. 2 Software Architecture.
    Modularization/Database Design
    - -


    This activity describes the internal interfaces of the SW Unit. To do so, the Implementation Document: SW Module and the Implementation Document: Database are examined. Internal SW interfaces are the interfaces between SW Modules alone and also interfaces between SW Modules and the Databases of a SW Unit.

    A description of the external SW interfaces, i. e. the interfaces between the SW Units and the interfaces to HW Units and non-IT parts is not required since they are identical with the internal system interfaces that have already been described in activity RE 3.2: Restoring Internal and External System Interfaces.

    The interfaces are described according to the following aspects:


    (1)   Customer

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