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RE 3.7: Generation of Data Dictionary  

  RE3.7 - Datenkatalog erstellen

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    Activity State Chapter Title Activity State
    RE3.4 being proc. 2 Software Architecture.
    Modularization/Database Design
    - -
    RE3.6 being proc. 2 Software Design.
    SW Component/SW Module Description
    - -
    RE3.6 being proc. 2 Software Design.
    Database Description
    - -
    - - All Data-Dictionary RE3.8
    being proc.


    Based on the SW Architecture and the SW Design: Module/ SW Design: Database, this activity collects and documents information about the data used in the SW Units (individual data and complex volumes). The information can be collected and documented manually, better, however, is to do this with a tool. The results of this activity are documented in the product Data-Dictionary.

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