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RE 3.8: Description of Technical Requirements  

  RE3.8 - Technische Anforderungen beschreiben

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    Activity State Chapter Title Activity State
    RE2.3 being proc. All Implementation Document: SW Module - -
    All SW Module
    All Implementation Document: Database
    All Database
    RE3.6 being proc. All Operational Information:
    User Manual
    Diagnosis Manual
    Operator Manual
    Other Application Information
    RE3.9 being proc.
    RE3.7 being proc. All Data-Dictionary - -
    - - All Technical Requirements External (1) submitted


    This activity describes the functional requirements to the SW Unit from a software-related point of view. The basis for this description are Implementation Document: SW Module and Implementation Document: Database and the Data-Dictionary.

    The examinations are based on the subprograms of the lowest call/invocation hierarchy. They are described software-related with regard to their input and output behavior whereby it must be distinguished between the behavior in a normal situation and in an exceptional situation.

    Combining this function to the SW Module level results in SW Modules of different kinds like control modules, gateway modules, functional modules, user interface modules, or service modules.

    The results of this activity are documented in the product Technical Requirements.

    The description of the functions is also integrated into the information about the User Manual, the description of the exception and error handling is used in the Diagnosis Manual. Further information relevant for the implementation, introduction and operation of the system but that cannot be allocated to any of these subproducts are documented in the product Other Application Information.


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