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RE 3.9: Specification of SW Integration  

  RE3.9 - SW-Integration spezifizieren

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    From Product to
    Activity State Chapter Title Activity State
    RE3.4 being proc. 2 Software Architecture.
    Modularization/Database Design
    - -
    RE3.5 accepted All Interface Description - -
    RE3.8 being proc. All Operational Information :
    User Manual
    Diagnosis Manual
    Operator Manual
    Other Application Information
    RE3.10 being proc.
    - - All Integration Plan RE3.10 being proc.


    This activity defines the rules and regulations for the assembly of the SW Unit of SW Modules and Databases, as seen from a technical point of view. The results of this activity are documented in the product Integration Plan.

    With regard to deadlines, resources, tools, staff, interfaces and similar influences, the Integration Plan is generated in cooperation with project management. The Integration Plan includes a specification of the configuration of the SW Unit and all information required for the integration activity; information for the integration test is derived and documented.

    The tasks in connection with the Integration Plan also result in further Operational Information, e. g. about the availability of environment components, initiation and conclusion of operation, or installation and configuration.

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