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RE 4: Restoring the User-Level Aspects  

  RE4 - Wiedergewinnung der fachlichen Sicht

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    From Product to
    Activity State Chapter Title Activity State
    External (1) - All Further information (2) - -
    RE1 accepted All User Demand - -
    - - All User Requirements RE5
    External (1)
    RE3 being proc. All Data-Dictionary RE5
    External (1)


    Figure RE.4
    (start daVinci Graph Visualization Tool v2.0)

    Figure RE 4: Restoring the User-Level Aspects

    In this activity, the User Requirements that the system has to fulfill are restored. The Data-Dictionary is completed by the user-level view.


    RE 4.1: Restoring the User Requirements
    RE 4.2: Completion of Data Dictionary

    (1)   Customer

    (2)   Existing system and software documentation (the source code can only be used as basis for this activity if commented from a user-level point of view or if the original designer of the software is present and available and can make the relationship between source code and user-level view. Since this will not normally be the case, the source code is not explicitly mentioned as a resource for restoring the user-level aspects).

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