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RE 4.1: Restoring the User Requirements  

  RE4.1 - Anwenderforderungen wiedergewinnen

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    External (1) - All Further information (2) - -
    RE1.5 accepted All User Demand - -
    - - All User Requirements RE4.2
    External (1)


    This activity restores the requirements that are met by the system (or the SW Unit, in case the subject of the order is one individual SW Unit) from a user-level point of view.

    Since it will normally not be possible to derive the required information from the source code it is necessary to get the information by evaluating all available user-level information sources. This can include the reading of all available documents containing information about the user-level system aspects and also interviewing the persons with special know-how of the system.

    The objective of this evaluation is to obtain the user-level structure of the system function as seen from the user's point of view, whereby the total function of the system must be described as "business processes" that are classified into "areas" (e. g. "Mailing and Communication", "IT Security", "Man-Machine Interface" or "Office Functions").

    The results of this activity are documented in the product User Requirements.


    (1)   Customer

    (2)   Existing system and software documentation and all other available information.

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