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RE 7.2: Self-Assessment of the System  

  RE7.2 - Selbstprüfung des Systems durchführen

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    In this activity the developer realizes the self-assessment of the System. During these self-assessments, the developer first creates the conditions for the test, e. g. installation of the assessed object in the assessed environment, and generation of the required test cases. After the realization of the test, the test results are evaluated, they determine the further process of the reverse engineering measures. If the test was positive, the tested/assessed object is passed on to QA for the formal product assessment. Otherwise RE activities have to be repeated and concluded with another self-assessment.


    The self-assessments of systems should include: In the case of system reactions under conditions that are not real, the conditions must be adjusted by means of simulation to come as close as possible to the real environment in which it will be used.

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