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RE 8: Reintroduction of the System  

  RE8 - Wiedereinführung des Systems

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    From Product to
    Activity State Chapter Title Activity State
    RE1 accepted All User Demand - -
    RE2 accepted All Case Report "Measuring the Source Code" - -
    RE4 accepted All User Requirements - -
    RE7 accepted All Operational Information:
    User Manual
    Diagnosis Manual
    Operator Manual
    Other Application Information
    - -
    RE7 accepted All System (installable) - -
    - - All SWMM Concept External (1) submitted
    - - All System (installable and in operation) External (1) -


    Figure RE.8
    (start daVinci Graph Visualization Tool v2.0)

    Figure RE 8: Reintroduction of the System

    This activity installs and reimplements the updated System at the customer and generates the SWMM Concept.


    RE 8.1: Contribution to Support for Reintroduction
    RE 8.2: Generation of SWMM Concept
    RE 8.3: System Installation
    RE 8.4: Renewed Putting into Operation

    (1)   Customer

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