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RE 9: Finding Reusable SW Items  

  RE9 - Ermittlung wiederverwedungsfähiger Softwarebausteine

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    Figure RE.9
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    Figure RE 9: Finding Reusable SW Items

    This activity determines those SW items on the basis of the User Requirements that can be potentially reused for systems of the application field to which a particular system belongs. In order to do so, the amount of user-level requirements for the system in question is compared with the amount of defined requirements for systems of the corresponding application field (field model). Potentially reusable requirements are found in the intersection of these two requirements.

    Since the traceability of user-level requirements in previous activities (see activity RE 5: Mapping the User-Level View to the Technical View) was made to system and SW Architecture, it is possible to name those architecture elements that realize the potentially reusable requirements. The list of the potentially reusable requirements and references to their technical realization are documented in Case Report "Reusable Software Items".


    Since the generation of a field model is connected with considerable efforts and costs, this activity should only be realized when a field model for the corresponding field already exists.

    (1) Customer

    (2) field model.

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