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4 Regulations Submodel System Development  

  4 Regelungen Submodell Systemerstellung

  • 4.1 Overview
  • 4.2 The Activities of Submodel SD

    4.1 Overview

    While the three submodels Quality Assurance (QA), Project Management (PM) and Configuration Management (CM) describe the accompanying activities in a development project, the development itself is realized in submodel System Development (SD).

    The structure of submodel SD is based on activities on two levels, i. e.

    In these two levels, the step of the requirements analysis and the step of the design are differentiated.

    From the point of view of the system development process, these levels help in the early activities to get from abstract descriptions to software and hardware, and in the later activities they help to get from the software and hardware level to the overall System.

    The following concepts and explanations have a central meaning for the understanding of the remainder of these regulations:

    The formulations of the regulations assume that normally all developments are incremental. This means that the regulations of submodel SD- System Development attempt to show that a System is developed in increments (and possibly delivered and operated in increments as well).

    4.2 The Activities of Submodel SD

    SD1 - System Requirements Analysis
    SD2 - System Design
    SD3 - SW/HW Requirements Analysis
    SD4 - Preliminary SW Design
    SD5 - Detailed SW Design
    SD6 - SW Implementation
    SD7 - SW Integration
    SD8 - System Integration
    SD9 - Transition to Utilization

    Figure 4.1
    Figure 4.1: Overview of Functions in Submodel SD

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