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SD 3.1: Definition of General Requirements from a SW/HW Unit Point of View  

  SE3.1 - Allgemeine Anf. aus Sicht der SW-/HW-Einheit def.

  • Product Flow
  • Handling
  • Roles
  • Tools Requirements
  • External Norms
  • Product Flow

    From Product to Methods Tool Req. Ext. Norms
    Activity State Chapter Title Activity State
    SD1 accepted All User Requirements - -      
    SD2 accepted All System Architecture - -    
    SD2 being proc. Existing Technical Requirements - -    
    - - 2 Technical Requirements.
    General Requirements
    being proc.   SSD01
    - - 5.x.1 Technical Requirements.
    Identification of the Element

    + "Chapter" are extra columns from the original printed version of GD 250


    General requirements that are a result of the SD3 - SW/HW Requirements Analysis from the point of view of SW Unit/HW Unit will be documented. This might refer to the requirements with regard to the realization of internal interfaces (e. g. by defining general interface standards).


    Role Participation
    System Designer responsible

    Tools Requirements

    Product Methods Allocation Use
    Chapter 2
    Technical Requirements.
    General Requirements
    SSD01 - Recording Requirements

    External Norms

    Being defined

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