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SD 4.2-HW: Generation of the Preliminary Design of a HW Unit  

  SE4.2-HW - Grobentwurf einer HW-Einheit erarbeiten

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    The generation of the HW Architecture comprises the generation of designs, block diagrams, function drafts, etc. for mechanical, electronic or other components, in as far as they are of relevance.

    Based on the HW Architecture, an investigation can be realized for off-the-shelf-products or for re-used parts. These will then be tested if the expected quality and delivery terms correspond with the requirements. Details will be specified, if necessary.

    It is further investigated if, and if yes, which HW Modules or HW Components shall be internally or externally developed or constructed (made or bought).

    With regard to the preliminary HW design, initial definitions for components and materials having a major impact on the hardware architecture may become necessary.


    Role Participation
    HW Developer responsible
    Technical Author cooperating

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