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SD 6.1-HW: Making of HW Components/HW Modules  

  SE6.1-HW - HW-Komponente/HW-Modul anfertigen

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  • Handling

    The HW Components or the HW Modules are generated in accordance with the plans and the development documents. Off-the-shelf components or modules are adjusted, if necessary, and integrated. Definitions or insights made or learned during the realization of the HW Unit, e. g. during installation or integration tasks, have to be documented for later use.

    The procurement of internally made or ready bought parts is done in close cooperation of development, production and other departments (e. g. purchasing, controlling, quality management).

    All off-the-shelf-products are submitted to an incoming inspection. The pertinent documents for these inspections have to be ready.


    This activity regulates the realization, e. g., of function and test designs. This does not refer to the realization of a production, for example (i. e. duplicate production) which is beyond the scope of the V-Model.


    Role Participation
    HW Developer responsible

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