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SD 6.2-SW: Realization of Database  

  SE6.2-SW - Datenbank realisieren

  • Product Flow
  • Handling
  • Roles
  • Methods
  • Tools Requirements
  • External Norms
  • Product Flow

    From Product to Methods Tool Req. Ext. Norms
    Activity State Chapter Title Activity State
    SD5-SW accepted All SW Design (Module)
    SW Design (Database)
    - -     /ISO IEC 12207/

    Devlp. Proc.:
    SW Coding and Testing

    SD5-SW accepted All Data-Dictionary - -    
    - - All Implementation Document: Database SD6.3-SW being proc.   SSD13
    - - - Database ACC (1)
    PVER (2)

    + "Chapter" are extra columns from the original printed version of GD 250


    The schema definition of the Database(s) and the descriptions of the indices must be converted into the appropriate data definition language. If necessary, information about the location on storage media has to be given. The realization of the Databases ends only with the corresponding generation runs.

    The realization of the Databases is comprised of the following steps:


    Role Participation
    SW Developer responsible


    Product Methods Allocation Use
    Database ACC - Analysis of Covert Channels (1) Generate
    PVER - Program Verification (2) Generate

    Tools Requirements

    Product Functional Tools Requirements
    Database SSD15 - Compiling
    SSD30 - Formal Verification
    SSD31 - Analysis of Covert Channels
    Chapter 2
    Implementation Document: Database.
    SSD13 - Generating Databases
    Chapter 3
    Implementation Document: Database.
    SSD13 - Generating Databases
    Chapter 4
    Implementation Document: Database.
    SSD13 - Generating Databases

    External Norms

    Norm Process Chapter Obs.
    /ISO IEC 12207/ Development Process Software Coding and Testing (s. Part 3 - ISO 3.2.1)


    (1) Method ACC must be applied according to [ITSEC].

    (2) Method PVER is to be applied in cases of special requirements to the correctness. A formal specification and a program that shall meet the specification are required for the application of PVER. Because of the great effort, the most critical program portions have to be selected for an application of PVER.

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