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SD 8.2: Self-Assessment of the System  

  SE8.2 - Selbstprüfung des Systems durchführen

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    SD8.1 being proc. Existing System SD8.3 submitted      

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    Self-assessments of the System and possibly of the Segments have to be carried out. In this activity, the SW Units on the defined target hardware have to be assessed.

    For that, the assessment prerequisites like installation of the System within the assessment environment and generation of the required test cases must be created first. After the self-assessment, the results will be evaluated, which determines the further procedure.

    Provided that the assessment has been finished successfully in the opinion of SD, the System is passed on to QA to be formally assessed; otherwise iterations of SD activities will be required which have to be completed with a renewed self-assessment of the System.


    The self-assessment of Segments (or the System, after a segment level is omitted) should include: The self-assessment of the System should include:

    The real application environment can be simulated.

    When self-assessing a System in the case of high criticality, the same rules should be applied as in the subsequent formal QA assessment; i. e. the rules in the Assessment Plan, the Assessment Specification, and the Assessment Procedure ought to be adhered to.


    Role Participation
    System Designer responsible
    SW Developer cooperating
    HW Developer cooperating

    Tools Requirements

    Being defined

    External Norms

    Being defined

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