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    /Balzer, 2000/ Process Technology Research Challenges
    /Cignoni, 2000/ Software Process Technologies and the Competitiveness Challenge
    /Fuggetta, 2000/ Software Process: A Roadmap
    /Jaccheri, 2000/ Software Process Technology and Software Organisations
    /Lehman, 2000/ Thirty Years in Software Process
    /Widmaier, 2000/ Producing More Reliable Software: Mature Software Engineering Process vs. State-of-the-Art Technology?

    /Fairley, 1999/ A Process-Oriented Approach to Improving Software Quality Product
    /Steinmann, 1999/ Proze▀organisation der Systementwicklung

    /Conradi, 1998b/ Six theses on software process research
    /Curtis, 1998/ Which comes first, the organization or its processes?
    /Derniame, 1998/ Software Process: principles, methodology and technology
    /Ellmer, 1998/ Process Technology Implications of Procurement Processes: Some Initial Observations
    /Emmerich, 1998/ Software Process - Standards, Assessments and Improvements
    /Hesse, 1998a/ Bausteinorientiert statt phasenzentriert: Neue Entwicklungsmethoden erfordern neuartige Vorgehensmodelle
    /Kneuper, 1998a/ Vorgehensmodelle fuer die betriebliche Anwendungsentwicklung
    /Kneuper, 1998b/ Organisatorische Gestaltung des Einsatzes von Vorgehensmodelle

    /Murer, 1997a/ The Challenge of the Global Software Process

    /Boehm, 1996/ Anchoring the Software Process
    /Garg, 1996/ Process Centered Software Engineering Environments
    /Greenwood, 1996a/ An Asset View on the Software Development Process
    /Heimbigner, 1996/ Software in the Field Needs Process Too
    /Pressmann, 1996/ Software Process Impediment

    /Bach, 1995/ Enough About Process: What We Need are Heroes
    /Frick, 1995/ Der Software-Entwicklungsproze▀ - Ganzheitliche Sicht: Grundlagen zu Entwicklungs-Proze▀-Modellen
    /Sommerville, 1995/ Process Viewpoints

    /Derniame, 1994/ Directions in Software Process Modelling and Technology: A Preface
    /Dewan, 1994/ Relations between CSCW and software process research: a position statement
    /Finkelstein, 1994/ Software Process Modelling and Technology
    /Montangero, 1994b/ The "process in the tool syndrome'': is it becoming worse?

    /Devarenne, 1992/ The Need of a Process Engineering Method

    /Balzer, 1991/ Process Virtual Machine
    /Heimbigner, 1991/ A process server
    /Madhavji, 1991/ The process cycle

    /Balzer, 1990/ What we do and don't know about the software process

    /Curtis, 1989/ Studying the process of software design teams
    /Kishida, 1989/ Position Paper for ISPW-5

    /Osterweil, 1987/ Software Processes are Software Too

    /Osterweil, 1986/ Software Processes are Software Too

    /Blum, 1985/ Thoughts on the software process
    /Dowson, 1985/ The structure of the software process
    /Evangelist, 1985/ Foundational problems in software process research
    /Lehman, 1985/ Approach to a disciplined development process- the ISTAR integrated project support environment
    /Mok, 1985/ The von Neumann straitjacket - the process construct

    /Floyd, 1981/ A process-oriented approach to software development

    /Lehman, 1969/ The Programming Process

    /Knuth, 1968/ The Art of Computer Programming, V-1 Fundamental Algorithms

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