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  • Process Technologies
  • Software Engineering
  • Formal Methods
  • Process Technologies

    Id. Title
    /Aberer, 1999/ Workflow Systems Evolution in Response to Changing Organizational Requirements. Blending Coordination with Market-based Cooperation
    /Abrahamsson, 1999/ Expanding Goal Setting Theory Concepts - Using Goal Commitment Measurements to Improve Chances for Success in SPI
    /Abrahamsson, 2000/ Is Management Commitment a Necessity After All in Software Process Improvement?
    /Abrahamsson, 2000a/ Measuring the Success of Software Process Improvement : The Dimensions
    /Adomeit, 1992/ K/2RA Kernel for the ESF Software Factory Support Environment
    /Ajisaka, 1994/ Meta-integration for process integrated CASE environments
    /Alloui, 1994a/ Process-centered environments: support for human-environment interaction and environment-mediated human cooperation
    /Alloui, 1996/ Support for Environment-Mediated Human Cooperation in Large-Scale Reuse-Based Projects
    /Alloui, 1996a/ A Multi-Agent Approach for Modelling, Enacting and Evolving Distributed Cooperative Software Processes
    /Alloui, 1998a/ ItascaFlow: An Active Database Framework for Adaptive Workflow Process Modelling, Enactment and Interoperability
    /Alloui, 1998b/ Managing consistency in cooperating software processes
    /Alloui, 1999/ To be consistent or not to be consistent in cooperative software processes, that is the question
    /Ambriola, 1990/ Software Processes as a Hierarchy
    /Ambriola, 1991/ Hierarchical specification of software processes
    /Ambriola, 1991b/ Hierarchical specification of software processes in Oikos
    /Ambriola, 1992/ OIKOS at the Age of Three
    /Ambriola, 1994/ The Oikos Services for Object Management in Software Development
    /Ambriola, 1994a/ Applying a Metric Framework to the Software Process: an Experiment
    /Ambriola, 2000/ Process metrics for requirement analysis
    /Andelfinger, 1999/ Prozeßmodellierung in der industriellen Praxis. Vorgehensweise, Ergebnisse und Erfahrungen
    /Anderson M., 1994/ The Nature of the Software Process Modelling Problem is Evolving
    /Andreoli, 1998/ A Coordination System Approach to Software Workflow Process Evolution
    /Andreoli, 1996/ Process Enactment and Coordination
    /Angele, 1998/ Vorgehensmodelle für die Entwicklung wissenbasierter Systeme
    /Aoyama, 1998/ Web-based agile software development
    /Aoyama, 1998a/ Agile Software Process and Its Experience
    /AQAP-110/ AQAP 110-NATO: NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Design, Development and Production
    /AQAP-150/ AQAP-150-NATO: NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Software Development
    /Arbaoui, 1992/ PEACE: Describing and Managing Evolving Knowledge in the Software Process
    /Arbaoui, 1993a/ Managing inconsistencies between process enactment and process performance states
    /Arbaoui, 1994/ Goal Oriented vs. Activity Oriented Process Modelling
    /Arbaoui, 1994b/ PEACE: Goal-Oriented Logic-Based Formalism for Process Modelling
    /Arbaoui, 1999/ The human dimension of the software process
    /Arent, 2000/ Transforming Software Organizations with the Capability Maturity Model
    /Arent, 2000a/ Criteria and Characteristics of SPI in Different Cultural Contexts
    /Armenise, 1992/ Software Process Representation Languages: Survey and Assessment
    /Armitage, 1994a/ A Conceptual Schema for Process Definitions and Models
    /Arnold, J., 1994/ Toward collaborative software processes
    /Ashok, 1988/ Process modelling in software environments
    /Aumaitre, 1994/ Lessons Learned from Formalizing and Implementing a Large Process Model
    /AU 220/ Regulations for Planning, Development, Procurement, Introduction and Application of Armed Material and Data Processing Projects
    /Avrilionis, 1996/ Process Model Reuse Support: The OPSIS Approach
    /Avrilionis, 1996a/ A Unified Framework for Software Process Enactement and Improvement
    /Avrilionis, 1996b/ Improving Software Process Modelling and Enactment Techniques

    Software Engineering

    Id. Title
    /Abbas, 1999/ On the importance of Architecture in Collaborative Projects
    /Abowd, 1999/ Software Engineering Issues for Ubiquitous Computing
    /Achatzi, 1991/ Praxis der strukturierten Analyse
    /Air Force, 1966/ Computer Program Subsystem Development Milestones
    /Ajisaka, 1994/ Meta-integration for process integrated CASE environments
    /Al-Mashari, 1999/ Standardisation through SAP R/3: A Proposed Model for Effective Implementation
    /Albrecht, 1983/ Software function, source lines of code, and development effort prediction: A software science validation
    /Alonso, 1999/ OPERA: Design and Programming Paradigm for Heterogeneous Distributed Applications
    /Alloui, 1996/ Support for Environment-Mediated Human Cooperation in Large-Scale Reuse-Based Projects
    /Ambriola, 1995/ Current Issues on Integration
    /Amting, 1999/ Take-up measures for Software in the IST-Programme, Call September 99
    /Amting, 2000/ Workprogramme 2000 for Software, Systems and Services, Call 4 (July 2000) and Call 5 (October 2000)
    /Anderson, 1999/ Application on Open Hypermedia to Military Software
    /Anderson, G.E., 2000/ Dragonfly: Linking Conceptual and Implementation Architectures of Multiuser Interactive Systems
    /Andrews, 2000/ Broad-Spectrum Studies of Log File Analysis
    /ANSI Com. X3J16/ C++ Draft Standard
    /ANSI Com. X3J4/ OO-COBOL Draft Standard
    /ANSI X3.198/ FORTRAN
    /Antoniol, 1999/ Effective Feature Analysis for Tool Selection
    /Astley, 1998/ Customization and Composition of Distributed Objects: Middleware Abstractions for Policy Management
    /Atkins, 1999/ Using Version Control Data to Evaluate the Impact of Software Tools
    /Atkinson.C, 1998/ Systematic Object-Oriented Software Development
    /Atkinson.D, 1998/ Effective-Whole-Program Analysis in the Presence of Pointers
    /Atre, 1980/ Data Base: Structured Techniques for Design, Performance and Management

    Formal Methods

    Id. Title
    /Abrial, 1996/ The B-Book: Assigning Programs to Meanings
    /ADL, 1995/ ADL Language Reference Manual
    /Allen, 1998/ Formal Modeling and Analysis of the HLA Component Integration Standard
    /Alur, 1998/ Model Checking of Hierarchical State Machines
    /Alur, 2000/ Inference of Message Sequence Charts
    /Angus, 1984/ The Application of Software Reliability and Maintainability
    /Ardis, 1985/ Comparison of algebraic and state-machine specification methods
    /Atkinson.D, 1998/ Effective-Whole-Program Analysis in the Presence of Pointers
    /Aytac, 2000/ Results of ISO/IEC 15504 assessments carried out in a group of small software houses in Turkey

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