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Id. Title
/Fagan, 1976/ Design and Code Inspections to Reduce Errors in Program Development
/Fairclough, 2000/ Achieving Level 4 with SPICE
/Fairley, 1999/ A Process-Oriented Approach to Improving Software Quality Product
/Farrel-Vinay, 1986/ An approach to axioms of the iteration process
/Favaro, 1992/ Process Modelling at the European Space Agency
/Feather, 1986/ An incremental approach to construting, explaining and maintaining specifications
/Feigenbaum, 1991/ Total Quality Control, fortieth anniversary edition
/Feiler, 1989/ Software process support through software configuration management
/Feiler, 1990/ Software process support in software development environments
Software Process Development and Enactment: Concepts and Definitions
/Feiler, 1993/ Software Process Development and Enactment: Concepts and Definitions
/Feiler, 1993b/ CASE and CAPE: Conflict of interest
/Fenton, 2000/ Software Metrics: A Roadmap
/Fernström, 1988/ Design considerations for process-driven software environments
/Fernström, 1991/ Integration needs in process Enacted Environments
/Fernström, 1993/ PROCESS WEAVER: Adding Process Support to UNIX
/Fielding, 2000/ Principled Design of the Modern Web Architecture
/Fierz, 1999/ The CIP Method: Component- and Model-Based Construction of Embedded Systems
/Finkelstein, 1986/ Making formal specifications dynamic objects
/Finkelstein, 1988/ Constructing a dialogic framework for software development
/Finkelstein, 1989/ A structural framework for the formal representation of cooperation
/Finkelstein, 1989a/ An example of software development modelling
/Finkelstein, 1994/ Software Process Modelling and Technology
/Fischer, 1975/ Management-Enzyklopädie - Das Managementwissen unserer Zeit
/Fischer C., 1999/ Introduction of a Process Model for Object-Oriented, Component-Oriented Software Development at AXIOMA Information Systems
/Fischer M., 2000/ OSIRIS, a SPICE based improvement approach towards IT maintenance and support organizations
/Fischer T., 1998/ Begriffliche Grundlagen für Vorgehensmodelle
/Fleming, 1989/ Handbook of Relational Database Design
/Florac, 2000/ Statistical Process Control:Analyzing a Space Shuttle Onboard Software Process
/Floyd, 1981/ A process-oriented approach to software development
/Floyd, 1984/ A systematic Look at Prototyping
/Fomin, 1999/ The Process of Standard Making: Equilibrium and Transformation in Social Networks
/Fong, 1998/ Proof Linking: An Architecture for Modular Verification of Dynamically-Linked Mobile Code
/Fonorow, 1988/ Modeling Software Tools with Icon
/Fradet, 1999/ Consistency Checking for Multiple View Software Architectures
/Franch, 1999/ Some Reflections in the Modelling of Software Processes
/Frankl, 1998/ Further Empirical Studies of Test Effectiveness
/Freedman, 1982/ Handbook of Walkthroughs, Inspections, and Technical Reviews
/Freitter, 1999/ Bundesvorgehensmodell IT-BVM
/Frewin, 1984/ SPMMS - A support for the management process
/Frick, 1999/ Entwicklung und Einführung eines "Vorgehensmodells für die Softwareentwicklung" bei der Helmut Mauell GmbH
/Frick, 1995/ Der Software-Entwicklungsprozeß - Ganzheitliche Sicht: Grundlagen zu Entwicklungs-Prozeß-Modellen
/Fritsch, 1988/ A manager/controller for the software development process
/Fuggetta, 1993/ A Classification of CASE Technology
/Fuggetta, 2000/ Software Process: A Roadmap
/Futatsugi, 1990/ Product-centered process description = algebraic specification of environment + SCRIPT

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