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Id. Title
/Gafni, 1999/ Robots: A Real-Time Systems Architectural Style
/Galle, 1992/ Applying Process Modelling
/Gane, 1979/ Structured Systems Analysis - Tools and Techniques
/Gannod, 2000/ An Approach to Architectural Analysis of Product Lines
/Gannod, 1999/ A Specification Matching Based Approach to Reverse Engineering
/Gantner, 2000/ Experiences on Lightweight Techniques to Manage Software Suppliers
/Garg, 1991/ Process Programming by Hindsight
/Garg, 1992/ Process Programming by Hinsight
/Garg, 1994/ The SMART Approach for Software Process Engineering
/Garg, 1996/ Process Centered Software Engineering Environments
/Gargantini, 1999/ Using Model Checking to Generate Tests from Requirements Specifications
/Garlan, 1989/ The role of formalized domain-specific software frameworks
/Garlan, 2000/ Software Architecture: A Roadmap
/Gasston, 1999/ The Role of the Client-Supplier Relationship in Achieving Software Quality
/Gates, 1997/ An Example Process Guide: Process Guide for a Descriptive Modeling Process
/Gaulding, 1976/ Process Design Engineering: A Methodology for Real-Time Software Development
/Gehani, 1986/ Software Specification Techniques
/Gelman, 1992/ Competing in Large-Scale Software Development
/Georgakopoulos, 1999/ Collaboration of Process Management for Advanced Applications
/George, 1998/ Die Methode "The SELECT" Perspective für OO-Anwendungsentwicklung
/Gerisch, 1988/ Software-Entwurf
/Getto, 2000/ Software Acquisition: Experiences with Models and Methods
/Gewald, 1972/ Netzplantechnik - Methoden zur Planung und Überwachung von Projekten, Band 2: Kapazitätsoptimierung
/Gewald, 1974/ Netzplantechnik - Methoden zur Planung und Überwachung von Projekten, Band 3: Kosten- und Finanzplanung
/Giannakopoulou, 1999/ Checking Progress with Action Priority: Is it Fair?
/Giese, 1994/ Data collection in a process-sensitive software engineering environment
/Gilb, 1993/ Software inspection
/Girgensohn, 1999/ Supporting the Writting of Reports in a Hierarchical Organization
/Gisi, 1991/ Extending a Toll Integration Language
/Godart, 1995/ Stepwise Specification of Interactive Processes in COO
/Godart, 1996/ Designing and Implementing COO: Design Process, Architectural Style, Lessons Learned
/Godart, 1999/ Modelling and Enacting Process: Some Difficulties
/Goel, 1979/ Time-dependent error detection rate model for software reliability and other performance measures
/Goel, 1985/ Software Reliability Models: Assumptions, Limitations, and Applicability
/Goldberg, 1986/ Iteration in the software process
/Goldman, 1986/ Software prototyping by progressive annotation
/Goldman, 1990/ Solution for the ISPW-6 process example
/Goldman, 1991/ Solution for the ISPW-7 process example
/Goldmann, 1999/ MILOS: A Model of Interleaved Planning, Scheduling, and Enactment
/Gordijn, 1999/ On the Interaction between Business Models and Software Architecture in Electronic Commerce
/Grabowski, 1990/ Statische und dynamische Analysen für SDL-Prozeßdiagramme auf der Basis von Petri-Netzen und Sequence Charts
/GRAPES-RDDG, 1993/ GRAPES RDDG, Benutzerhandbuch V 1.0
/GRAPES-SD, 1993/ GRAPES SD, Benutzerhandbuch V 2.0
/GrapSim, 1993/ GRAPES-Simulator V 1.0. Benutzerhandbuch
/Graubmann, 1985/ A Method and a Tool for the Validation of SDL-Diagrams
/Graw, 1995/ Process Management In-the-Many
/Greenspan, 1985/ On the role of domain knowledge in knowledge-based approaches to software development
/Greenwood, 1992/ Using CSP and system dynamics as process engineering tools
/Greenwood, 1994/ Modelling Processes with Constraints
/Greenwood, 1995/ Coordination Theory and Software Process Technology
/Greenwood, 1996a/ An Asset View on the Software Development Process
/Greenwood, 1996b/ ProcessWeb - Process Support for the World Wide Web
/Greenwood, 1999/ An evolutionary approach to Process System Development
/Greenwood, 2000/ A Support Framework for Dynamic Organizations
/Grefen, 1999/ Advanced Architectures for Transactional Workflows or Advanced Transactions in Workflow
/Gresse, 1995/ A Process Model for Planning GQM-based Measurement
/Grigoriu, 1999/ The Evaluation of a CAST Tool for the Automatic Validation of Knowledge Based Software Systems
/Grimaud, 1999/ FACADE: a typed intermediate language dedicated to smart cards
/Grimson, 2000/ Software Needs Engineering
/Grinter, 1999/ Systems Architecture: Product Designing and Social Engineering
/Groenewegen, 1996/ Reuse of Software Process Fragments Is Reuse of Software Too
/Groenewegen, 1995/ Coordination by Behavioural Views and Communications Patterns
/Gruber, 1993/ Toward principles for the design of ontologies used for knowledge sharing
/Gruenbacher, 1998/ Prozeß- und Projektmanagement in objektorientierten Projekten mit PLATINUM Process Continuum&
/Gruenbacher, 2000/ Integrating Groupware and CASE Capabilities for Improving Stakeholder Involvement in Requirements Engineering
/Gruhn, 1992/ An evaluation of FUNSOFT nets
/Gruhn, 1992b/ Software Process Validation Based on FUNSOFT nets
/Gruhn, 1994/ Communication support in a process-centered software engineering environment
/Gruhn, 1994a/ Software Process Management and Business Process (Re-)Engineering
/Gruhn, 1994b/ Business Process Modeling in the Workflow Management Environment LEU
/Gruhn, 1996/ Configuration Management Support for Software Process Models
/Gruhn, 1998/ Beschreibung von Vorgehensmodelle mit FUNSOFT-Netzen
/Gruhn, 1998a/ Software Process Modeling and Enactment: An Experience Report Related to Problem Tracking in an Industrial Project
/Gruhn, 1999/ Software Process Landscaping: An Approach to Structure Complex Software Processes
/Gruhn, 2000/ Structuring Complex Software Processes by "Process Landscaping"
/Grundy, 1998/ Serendipity: integrated environment support for process modelling, enactment and work coordination
/Grundy, 1999/ Constructing Integrated Software Development Environments with MViews
/Gupta N., 1998/ Automated Test Data Generation Using An Iterative Relaxation Model
/Gurevich, 1999/ The Sequential ASM Thesis
/Gurr, 2000/ On the Design and Use of Diagrams in Software Engineering
/Gustafsson, 1994/ CommonKADS Reference Manual
/Gyimóthy, 1999/ An Efficient Relevant Slicing Method for Debugging

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