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Id. Title
/Haase, 2000/ Computer Models for Strategic Business Process Optimization
/Habra, 1999/ Software Process Improvement in Small Organizations Using Gradual Evaluation Schema
/Hague, 1984/ Toolpack - Providing extended support for the Fortran programmer
/Hall, 1999/ A Cooperative Approach to Support Software Deployment Using the Software Dock
/Hammer, 1997/ Measuring Requirements Testing
/Harmon, 1999/ Automated Testing of Component-based Software
/Harel, 1987/ Statecharts: A Visual Formalism for Complex Systems
/Harrison, 2000/ Software Engineering Tools and Environments: A Roadmap
/Harrold, 2000/ Testing: A Roadmap
/Hatley, 1987/ Strategies for Real-Time System Specification
/Hausen, 1997a/ Tailoring and Testing of Process Models applied to the V-Model: The ProcePT Approach
/Hausen, 1997b/ Basic Support for Intranet Software Processes
/Hausler, 1994/ Adopting Cleanroom software engineering with a phased approach
/Hauswirth, 1999/ A Component and Communication Model for Push Systems
/Hawlitzky, 2000/ Managing distributed software development - A portfolio based methodology
/Hawryszkiewycz, 1988/ Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design
/Hayes, 1987/ Specification Case Studies
/Hayes, J., 2000/ Component Design of Retargetable Program Analysis Tools that Reuse Intermediate Representations
/Hayes, W., 1997/ The Personal Software ProcessSM (PSPSM): An Empirical Study of the Impact of PSP on Individual Engineers
/Heimann, 1995/ A Programmed Graph Rewriting System for Software Process Management
/Heimann, 1996/ DYNAMITE: Dynamic Task Nets for Software Process Management
/Heimann, 1997a/ Graph-based Software Process Management
/Heimann, 1997b/ An Environment for Managing Software Development Processes
/Heimbigner, 1989/ P4: a logic language for process programming
/Heimbigner, 1989a/ An example P4 process program for rebus
/Heimbigner, 1990/ Proscription versus prescription in process-centered environments
/Heimbigner, 1991/ A process server
/Heimbigner, 1992/ The ProcessWall: A Process State Server Approach to Process Programming
/Heimbigner, 1994a/ An argument for the elimination of roles
/Heimbigner, 1996/ Software in the Field Needs Process Too
/Heineman, 1994/ Process Modelling with Cooperative Agents
/Heinl, 1999/ A Comprehensive Approach to Flexibility in Workflow Management Systems
/Heisel, 1997a/ Methodological Support for Formally Specifying Safety-Critical Software
/Held, 1990/ Sprachbeschreibung GRAPES
/Held, 1991a/ Objektorientierte Systementwicklung
/Held, 1991b/ Informations- und Funktionsmodellierung mit GRAPES
/Heller, 1991/ Future Documents
/Herbsleb, 1996/ A Systematic Survey of CMM Experience and Results
/Herbsleb, 1999/ Metaphorical Representation in Collaborative Software Engineering
/Herbsleb, 1999a/ Splitting the Organization and Integrating the Code: Conway's Law Revisited
/Herbst, 1999/ Induction: A Solution for the Acquisition and Adaptation of Workflow Models?
/HERMES, 1995/ HERMES: Führung und Abwicklung von Informatikprojekten
/Hesse, 1984/ Ein Begriffssystem für die Softwaretechnik - Vorschlag zur Terminologie
/Hesse, 1992/ Software-Entwicklung - Vorgehensmodelle, Projektführung, Produktverwaltung
/Hesse, 1992b/ Objekt-orientierte Anwendungsmodellierung - ein Weg zu einem durchgängigen Software-Entwicklungsprozeß
/Hesse, 1994a/ Ein Modell für evolutionäre, objektorientierte Software-Entwicklung
/Hesse, 1994b/ Terminologie der Softwaretechnik - Ein Begriffssystem für die Analyse und Modellierung von Anwendungssystemen
/Hesse, 1996a/ Das V-Modell in der Software-Technologie-Landschaft
/Hesse, 1996b/ From WOON to EOS: New development methods require a new software process model
/Hesse, 1996c/ Theory and practice of the software process - a field study and its implications for project management
/Hesse, 1997a/ Improving the software process guided by the EOS model
/Hesse, 1997b/ Life cycle models of object-oriented software development methodologies
/Hesse, 1998a/ Bausteinorientiert statt phasenzentriert: Neue Entwicklungsmethoden erfordern neuartige Vorgehensmodelle
/Hesse, 1998b/ Vorgehensmodelle für objektorientierte Software Entwicklung
/Hilera, 1999/ Evaluation and Selection of CASE tools - a real case
/Hilerio, 1999/ Herbal-T, Enabling Integration, Interoperability, and Reusability of Internet Components
/Hinchey, 1995/ Application of Formal Methods
/Hind, 2000/ Now You See It ... Now You Do'nt
/Hindel, 2000/ Constructing test cases from derived requirements
/Hitchcock, 1988/ The process model of the aspect IPSE
/Hitchings, 1996/ Reuse of Process Elements and the One Company's Experience
/Hjarup, 1999/ Standardised Communication in Electronic Commerce
/Hoare, 1985/ Communicating Sequential Processes
/Hoffmann, 1992/ Multiparadigm Description of System Development Processes
/Hoffnagle, 1986/ Process iteration modelling and mechanization
/Holder, 1999/ Dynamic Layout of Distributed Applications in FarGo
/Hollenbach, 1996/ Experiences in Process Domain Engineering at PRC Inc
/Holloway, 1997/ Why engineers should consider formal methods
/Holzmann, 1999/ A Practical Method for Verifying Event-Driven Software
/Hong, 1996/ The Role of a Software Process Generaliser in Managing a Line Products
/Horowitz, 1985/ SODOS - A Software Documentation Support Environment: Its Use
/Horvat, 2000/ SoPCoM - Model for Evaluation of the Software Processes Complexity
/Hosier, 1987/ Pitfalls and Safeguards in Real-Time Digital Systems with Emphasis on Programming
/Host, 2000/ An interview Based Evaluation of a Process Change Proposal
/Houdek, 1998/ Establishing Experience Factories at Daimler-Benz An Experience Report
/Hozumi, 1984/ A Method of Large-Scale Software Development
/HP, 1993/ Developing SynerVision Processes
/Huber, 1998/ Traffic Lights - An AutoFocus Case Study
/Hubert, 1990/ Eureka Software Factory: OPIUM, an environment for software process modeling integrated with a project management tool
/Huff, 1988/ A Plan-based Intelligent Assistant that Supports the Software Development Process
/Huff, 1988a/ Probing limits to automation: towards deeper process models
/Huff, 1989/ Software process instatiation and the planning paradigm
/Huff, 1989a/ GRAPPLE example: processes as plans
/Huff, 1990/ On the relationship between software processes and software products
/Huff, 1991/ Supporting change in plan-based processess
/Huff, 1991a/ ISPW7 Process Example in GRAPPLE (Process Change)
/Hull, 1999/ Declarative Workflows that Support Easy Modification and Dynamic Browsing
/Hummel, 1996/ Stand und Weiterentwicklung des V-Modells
/Humphrey, 1986/ Classes of process iteration
/Humphrey, 1988/ The software engineering process: definition and scope
/Humphrey, 1989/ Managing the Software Process
/Humphrey, 1989a/ Modelling implications of the personal software process
/Humphrey, 1989b/ The State of Software Engineering Practice: A Preliminary Report
/Humphrey, 1989c/ Software Process Modeling: Principles of Entity Process Models
/Humphrey, 1990/ People considerations in process models
/Humphrey, 1991/ Process Fitness and Fidelity
/Humphrey, 1991a/ A Comparison of U.S. and Japanese Software Process Maturity
/Humphrey, 1994a/ The Personal Process in Software Engineering
/Humphrey, 1994b/ Process feedback and learning
/Humphrey, 1995/ A Discipline for Software Engineering
/Humphrey, 1997a/ Introduction to the Personal Software ProcessSM
/Humphrey, 1997b/ Managing Technical People: Innovation, Teamwork, and the Software Process
/Humphrey, 1999/ Introduction to the Team Software ProcessSM
/Hunter, 2000a/ Some experiences and Results from the SPICE Trials
/Hunter, 1998/ A Visual Approach to Software Process Improvement
/Hunter, 1998a/ Analysis of Assessment Ratings from the Trials
/Hunter, 1995/ Concepts of Software Process Assessment
/Huseth, 1986/ Describing the software process
/Hußmann, 1997/ Formal Foundations for Software Engineering Methods
/Hvannberg, 2000/ A Comparison of Techniques to Support Small companies with Software Process Improvement

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