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Id. Title
/Jablonski, 1998/ Ein Vorgehensmodelle für Workflow-Management-Anwendungen
/Jaccheri, 1992/ Software Process Modeling and Evolution in EPOS
/Jaccheri, 1992b/ Initial Requirements for E3: An Environment for Experimenting and Evolving Software Process
/Jaccheri, 1993/ Techniques for Process Model Evolution in EPOS
/Jaccheri, 1996a/ Reusing Software Process Models in E3
/Jaccheri, 1996b/ Teaching Process Improvement in an industry-oriented course
/Jaccheri, 1997/ Metrics aspects of a software engineering course project
/Jaccheri, 1998/ Eliciting Software Process Models with the E3 Language
/Jaccheri, 2000/ Software Process Technology and Software Organisations
/Jackson D., 1998/ An Intermediate Design Language and its Analysis
/Jackson D., 1999/ Lightweight Extraction of Object Models from Bytecode
/Jackson D., 2000/ Reasoning & Analysis: A Roadmap
/Jackson D., 2000a/ Alcoa: The Alloy Constraint Analyzer
/Jackson M., 1984/ Software composition
/Jacobson, 1992/ Object-Oriented Software Engineering - A Use Case Driven Approach
/Jacobson, 1995a/ Modeling With Use Cases - A growing consensus on use cases
/Jacobson, 1995b/ Modeling with Use Cases - Formalizing use-case modeling
/Jäger, 1998/ Modeling Dynamic Software Processes in UML
/Jäger, 1999/ Using UML for Software Process Modeling
/Jäger, 2000/ Modelling Management and Coordination in Development Processes
/Jähnichen, 1985/ Towards an alternative model for software development
/Jakobs, 2000/ Information Technology Standards and Standardization: A Global Perspective
/Jamart, 1994/ A Reflective Approach to Process Model Customization, Enactment and Evolution
/Jaramillo, 1999/ Comparison Checking: An Approach to Avoid Debugging of Optimized Code
/Jarke, 1990 Process management in the DAIDA environments
/Jarke, 1999/ CAPE-OPEN: Experiences from a Standardization Effort in Chemical Industries
/Järvinen, 1999a/ Establishing continuous assessment using measurements
/Jarzabek, 1999/ Synergy between Component-based and Generative Approaches
/Jasper, 1995/ Unterstützung des vorgehensmodellgestützten Software-Entwicklungsprozesses durch aktive Datenbanktechnologie
/Jazayeri, 1997/ Software Engineering - ESEC/FSE'97
/Jeffery, 1988/ Validating the TAME Resource Data Model
/Jeffery, 2000/ Software Engineering - ESEC/FSE'97
/Jeffords, 1998/ Automatic Generation of State Invariants from Requirements Specifications
/Jelinski, 1972/ Software Reliability Research
/Jensen, 1999/ Coordinating Agent Activities in Knowledge Discovery Processes
/Jocham, 1999/ A lean Metric Acquisition and Presentation Environment for the Assessment of a Test Process Improvement Experiment
/Joeris, 1997a/ A Flexible Agent-Based Framework for Process Management
/Joeris, 1997b/ Change Management Needs Integrated Process and Configuration Management
/Joeris, 1997c/ Dynamical and Distributed Process Management based on Agent Technology
/Joeris, 1997d/ Cooperative and Integrated Workflow and Document Management for Engineering Applications
/Joeris, 1997e/ Characterization of Integrated Process and Product Management
/Joeris, 1998a/ Managing Evolving Workflow Specifications
/Joeris, 1998b/ Towards Object-Oriented Modeling and Enacting of Processes
/Joeris, 1999/ Flexible and High-Level Modeling and Enacting of Processes
/Johansen, 2000/ Learning from Assessment
/Johnson A., 1994/ Software Process Improvement Experience in the DP/MIS Function: Experience Report
/Johnson D., 2000/ Applying CMM Project Planning Practices to Diverse Environments
/Johnson W., 1986/ Specification via scenarios and views
/Jokela, 2000/ Modelling Usability Capability Introducing the Dimensions
/Jones, 1990/ Systematic Software Development using VDM
/Jorgensen, 2000/ The importance of NOT Learning from Experience
/Junkermann, 1994/ MERLIN: Supporting Cooperation in Software Development through a Knowlege-based Environment
/Junkermann, 1994a/ A Design Methodology for Process-Programming
/Junkermann, 1995/ A Dedicated Process Design Language based on EER-models, Statecharts and Tables

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