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Id. Title
/La Commare, 2000/ Test Management Automation: Lessons Learned from a Process Improvement Experiment
/Labiche, 2000/ Testing Levels for Object-Oriented Software
/Laitenberger, 1999/ Generalizing Perspective-based Inspection to handle Object-Oriented Development Artifacts
/Lam, 1999/ Requirements Change: A Dissection of Management Issues
/Lapadula, 1975/ Engineering of Quality Software Systems, Volume VIII: Software Reliability Modelling and Measurement Technique
/Laprie, 1992/ Dependability: Basic Concepts and Terminology in English, French, German, Italian and Japanese
/Larsen, 1995/ Transaction Technology for Process Modeling
/Lavi, 1984/ A systems engineering approach to software engineering
/Lee, 1999/ Evaluation of Little-JIL 1.0 with ISPW-6 Software Process Example
/Lehman, 1969/ The Programming Process
/Lehman, 1976/ Program Evolution and Its Impact on Software Engineering
/Lehman, 1980/ Programs, life cycles and laws of software evolution
/Lehman, 1984/ A further model of coherent programming processes
/Lehman, 1985/ Approach to a disciplined development process- the ISTAR integrated project support environment
/Lehman, 1985a/ Software Evolution - Processes of Software Change
/Lehman, 1986/ Modes of evolution
/Lehman, 1987/ Process Models, Process Programs, Programming Support - Invited Response To A Keynote Address By Lee Osterweil
/Lehman, 1988/ Some reservations on software process programming
/Lehman, 1989/ The role of process models in software and systems development and evolution
/Lehman, 1994/ Evolution, Feedback and Software Technology
/Lehman, 1996a/ Laws of Software Evolution Revisited
/Lehman, 1997/ Process Modelling - Where Next?
/Lehman, 1998/ The Impact of Feedback in the Global Software Process
/Lehman, 1998a/ Process Improvement - The Way Forward
/Lehman, 1998b/ On Evidence Supporting the FEAST Hypothesis and the Laws of Software Evolution
/Lehman, 2000/ Thirty Years in Software Process
/Lehman, 2000a/ Approach to a Theory of Software Process and Software Evolution
/Lehman, 2000b/ Rules and Tools for Software Evolution and Management
/Lehman, 2000c/ Role and Impact of Feedback and System Dynamics in Software Evolution Processes and their Improvement
/Leon, 2000/ Multivariate Visualization in Observation-Based Testing
/Leonhardt, 1995/ Decentralised Process Enactment in a Multi-perspective Development Environment
/Lerner, 1998/ Programming Process Coordination in Little-JIL - Towards the Harmonious Functioning of Parts for Effective Results
/Leszak, 2000/ A Case Study in Root Cause Defect Analysis
/Leung, 1999/ A Tool for Testing Hypermedia Systems
/Leung, 1999b/ Multi-agent Environment for Software Quality Assurance
/Leveson, 1986/ Software Safety: What, Why and How
/Leveson, 1999/ Designing Specification Languages for Process Control Systems: Lessons Learned and Steps to the Future
/Li, 1999/ "Got COCA?" A New Perspective in Building Electronic Meeting Systems
/Liang, 1999/ Efficient Points-To Analysis For Whole-Program Analysis
/Liang, 2000/ Towards Efficient and Accurate Program Analysis Using Light-Weight Context Recovery
/Lichter, 1993/ Prototyping in Industrial Software Projects - Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice
/Lichter, 1999/ Developing a Change Request Management Tool for a Distributed Environment
/Lindvall, 2000/ Process Diversity in Software Development (Guest Editors' Introduction)
/Lippert, 2000/ A Study on Exception Detection and Handling Using Aspect-Oriented Programming
/Litke, 1991/ Projektmanagement: Methoden, Techniken, Verhaltensweisen
/Litke D., 1991/ Toward new Techniques to Assess the Software Implementation Process
/Littlewood, 2000/ Software Reliability & Dependability: A Roadmap
/Liu, 1991/ Process modeling paradigms: An evaluation
/Loeckx, 1987/ The Foundation of Program Verification
/Lonchamp, 1992/ Supporting Social Activities of Software Process
/Lonchamp, 1993/ A Structured Conceptual and Terminological Framework for Software Process Engineering
/Lonchamp, 1994/ A Process-Centered Framework for Asynchronous Collaborative Work
/Lonchamp, 1994b/ An Assessment Exercise
/Lott, 1995/ The Use of Roles and Measurement to Enact Project Plans in MVP-S
/Lubars, 1987/ Knowledge-Based Software Design Using Design Schemas
/Ludwig, 1999/ Virtual-Enterprise Co-ordinator - Agreement-Driven Gateways for Cross-Organisational Workflow Management
/Lui, 2000/ Managing Inexperienced Programmers by Better Managing Design-Coding
/Lutz, 2000/ Software Engineering for Safety: A Roadmap
/Lussier, 1998/ Object-Oriented Software Development Issues Related to Practice

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