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Id. Title
/MacLean, 1984/ Validation in the software process
/MacLean, 1988/ A functional paradigm for software development
/Madhavji, 1985/ Operations for Programming in the All
/Madhavji, 1990/
= Methodology+Process-oriented Environments
/Madhavji, 1991/ The process cycle
/Madhavji, 1991b/ Communications and Iterations in the Process Cycle
/Madhavji, 1996/ A system for evaluating the congruence of software process models
/Madhavji, 1994/ Elicit: An Empirically Improved Method for Eliciting Process Models
/Mähönen, 2000/ The standardization process in IT - Too slow or too fast?
/Maibaum, 1984/ On What Exactly Is Going On When Software Is Developed Step-by-Step
/Maibaum, 2000/ Mathematical Foundations of Software Engineering: A Roadmap
/Magee, 1999/ Concurrency - State Models & Java Programs
/Magee, 2000/ Graphical Animation of Behavior Models
/Magee S., 1997/ Guide to Software Engineering Standards and Specifications
/Magee S., 1998/ Guide to Standards and Specifications for : Designing Web Software
/Magee S., 1999a/ Guide to Software Engineering Standards and Specifications - Book One: Software Development and Maintenance Standards
/Magee S., 1999b/ Guide to Software Engineering Standards and Specifications - Book Two: Standards for Software Development Supporting Processes
/Magee S., 1999c/ Guide to Software Engineering Standards and Specifications - Book Three: Standards for Software Development Using Tools and Techniques
/Magnani, 1999/ Critical factors affecting the development of an improvement strategy: Leadership, Organisation, Key-Process or Business results?
/Magnani, 2000/ The role of the improvement manager
/Makinen, 2000/ A detailed Process Assessment Method For Software SMEs
/Mala, 1996/ V-Modell und Systems Engineering?
/Mancini, 1999/ A Common Schema for Assessment and Description of Process Improvement Experiments
/Mannion, 1999/ Reusing Single System Requirements from Application Family Requirements
/Manny, 1995/ V-Modell und Aufwandsschätzung
/Mansel, 1996/ Das V-Modell aus Anwendersicht
/Manzo, 2000/ INTERWORKS : How to support the realisation of a Virtual Software Factory
/Maraninchi, 1991/ The Argos language: Graphical Representation of Automata and Description of Reactive Systems
/Marca, 2000/ A Software Engineering Approach and Tool Set for Developing Internet Applications
/Martin, 1985/ Diagramming Techniques for Analysts and Programmers
/Martin, 1987/ Diagramming Standards for Analysts & Programmers
/Martin, 1989/ Information Engineering, Book I
/Martin, 1990a/ Information Engineering, Book II
/Martin, 1990b/ Information Engineering, Book III
/Martin, 1991/ Rapid Application Development
/Marttiin, 1998/ How to support CASE activities through fully customisable process models: Experiments of CPME/MetaEdit+ using VPL formalism and ISPW-6 example
/Maruyama, 1999/ Automatic Method Refactoring Using Weighted Dependence Graphs
/Mascolo, 1999/ A Fine-Grained Model for Code Mobility
/Masuda, 1998/ Applying Designs Patterns to Decision Tree Learning System
/Mathiason, 2000/ Learning SPI in Practice
/Matsinger, 1996/ Process Modelling and Measurements in an Industrial Environment
/Matsumoto, 1989/ A software process model based on unit overload network
/Matsumoto, 1989a/ An example of a software process model based on Unit workload network
/Matsumoto, 1990/ KyotoDB supports software processes
/Mattern, 1989/ Diskrete Simulation - Prinzipien und Probleme der Effizienzsteigerung durch Parallelisierung
/Matsushita, 1999/ Modeling Framework and Supporting System for Process Assessment Documents
/Mauro, 2000/ Process Improvement Through Measurement of Test Activities - ESSI PIE PROMOTE
/Mayr, 1994/ Konzeptueller Vorentwurf zur Unterstützung einer partizipativen Entwurfsvalidierung
/McFeeley, 1996/ IDEALSM: A User's guide for Software Process Improvement
/McGowan, 1993/ Model Based Process Assessments
/McMenamin, 1984/ Essential Systems Analysis
/McMullan, 1999/ Data Distribution and Analysis of code - An Expert System Approach
/Medvidovic, 1999/ A Language and Environment for Architecture-Based Software Development and Evolution
/Mehta, 2000/ Towards a Taxonomy of Software Connectors
/Mellis, 2000/ Eingeladener Vortrag: Möglichkeiten und Grenzen von Vorgehensmodellen?
/Memon, 1999/ Using a Goal-driven Approach to Generate Test Cases for GUIs
/Messnarz, 1999/ Better Software Practice for Business Benefit: Principles and Experience
/Messnarz, 2000/ The Victory Project - A Virtual Enterprise for SPI
/Mi, 1990/ A Knowledge-Based Environment for Modeling and Simulating Software Engineering Processes
/Mi, 1991/ Modeling Articulation Work in Software Engineering Processes
/Mi, 1991a/ Solution to the Software Process Example - The ISPW-7 Workshop
/Mi, 1991b/ Articulation: Supporting Dynamic Evolution of Software Engineering Processes
/Michail, 2000/ Data Mining Library Reuse Patterns using Generalized Association Rules
/Michail, 1999/ Assessing Software Libraries by Browsing Similar Classes, Functions, and Relationships
/Midderhoff, 1997/ Die neue Version des V-Modells
/MIL-HDBK 189, 1981/ Reliability Growth Management
/MIL-STD 1521B, 1985/ Technical Reviews and Audits for Systems Equipment and Computer Software
/MIL-STD 1629A, 1980/ Procedures for Performing a Failure Mode, Effects and Critically Analysis
/MIL-STD 756B, 1982/ Reliability, Modelling and Prediction
/Miller, 1986/ Exponential Order Statistic Models of Software Reliability Growth
/Minski, 1985/ What should we do about the evolution of software
/Minski, 1989/ Law-governed software processes
/Minski, 1990/ Supporting coordination and cooperation in software processes
/Minzhe, 1999/ Standardization of Multimedia Conferencing: Design and Implementation
/Miranda, 2000/ An Evaluation of the Paired Comparison Method for Software Sizing
/Misra, 1983/ Software Reliability Analysis
/Miyazaki, 1987/ Software Metrics Using Deviation Value
/Mizoguchi, 1996/ Task Ontology Design for Intelligent Educational/Training Systems
/Mizuno, 2000/ Characterization of Risky Projects Based on Project Managers' Evaluation
/Mochizuki, 1990/ Applying the software process to the instruction tool in system design
/Mockus, 2000/ A Case Study of Open Source Software Development: The Apache Server
/Mok, 1985/ The von Neumann straitjacket- the process construct
/Monden, 2000/ Modeling and Analysis of Software Aging Process
/Montangero, 1994/ OIKOS: Constructiong process-centered sdes
/Montangero, 1994b/ The "process in the tool syndrome'': is it becoming worse?
/Montangero, 1995/ In Favour of a Coherent Process Coding Language
/Montangero, 1996/ Applying refinement calcull to software process modelling
/Monteiro, 1999/ Developing corporate infrastructure: implications for international standardization
/Moore, 1997/ U.S. Software Lifecycle Process Standards
/Moore, 1998/ Software Engineering Standards: A User's Road Map
/Moore, C., 2000/ Demo: "Lessons Learned from Teaching Reflective Software Engineering using the Leap Toolkit"
/Morisio, 2000/ Investigating and Improving a COTS-Based Software Development Process
/Morisio, 2000a/ Diversity in Reuse Processes
/Morrogh, 2000/ Is Software Education Narrowminded?
/Moses, 2000/ Improving Effort Estimation in Small Software cCompanies
/Mosses, 1996a/ Theory and practice of action semantics
/Morssink, 1990/ PARADIGM and logic programming
/Mühlbacher, 1999/ Extendable Object Visualisation for Software Reengineering
/Mulej, 1999/ The Law of Requisite Holism - Systemic versus Reductionistic versus Complex Thinking
/Muller, 2000/ Reverse Engineering: A Roadmap
/Müller-Ettrich, 1989/ Effektives Datendesign
/Müller-Ettrich, 1998/ Unterschiedliche Implementierung der OO-Paradigmen in Vorgehensmodellen (Rational/Objectory, V-Modell, Select Perspective, IBM OOTC)
/Müller-Ettrich, 1999/ Objektorientierte Prozeßmodelle
/Müller-Luschnat, 1995/ Begriffe zur Vorgehensmodellierung - Bericht aus der Arbeitsgruppe
/Münch, 1997/ Tailoring grosser Prozessmodelle
/Münch, 1999/ Anpassung von Vorgehensmodellen im Rahmen ingenieurmaessiger Softwarequalitaetssicherung
/Münzenberger, 1989/ Eine pragmatische Vorgehensweise zur Datenmodellierung
/Murphy, 2000/ Grow Fast - Grow Global: How the Irish Software Industry Evolved to this Business Model
/Murer, 1997a/ The Challenge of the Global Software Process
/Murer, 1997b/ Structural Unity of Product, Process and Organization Form in the GIPSY Process Support Framework
/Musa, 1975/ A Theory of Software Reliability and Its Application
/Musa, 1983/ Software Reliability Models: Concepts, Classification,Comparisons, and Practice
/Musa, 1984/ A Logarithmic Poisson Execution Time Model for Software Reliability Measurement
/Musa, 1986/ Application of Basic and Logarithmic Poisson Execution Time Models in Software Reliability Measurement
/Musa, 1987/ Software Reliability: Measurement, Prediction, Application
/Myers, 1991/ Methodisches Testen von Programmen

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