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Id. Title
/Nagl, 1996/ Einzelgutachten: Erfahrungen von ORACLE
/Nagl M., 1996/ Building Tighly Integrated Software Development Environments: The IPSEN Approach
/Nägler, 1998/ Eine objektorientierte Entwicklungsumgebung nach dem V-Modell 97
/Nakagawa, 1989/ Product-based process models
/Nakagawa, 1990/ Software Process à la Algebra: OBJ for OBJ
/Nakagawa, 1992/ Process versus Product, Abstraction and Formalism: A Personal Perspective
/Nakagawa, 1994/ Formalizing humans in software processes
/Nakajima, 1989/ A method for recording and analyzing design processes
/Narayanaswamy, 1991/ Team Coordination: Information Sharing + Policies
/Nättinnen, 1999/ Experiences from the Pilot Operation and Commissioning Phase of a SCM Process Improvement Program
/Naumovich, 1998a/ A Conservative Data Flow Algorithm for Detecting All Pairs of Statements that May Happen in Parrallel
/Naumovich, 1999/ An Efficient Algorithm for Computing MHP Information for Concurrent Java Programs
/Naumovich, 1999a/ Data Flow Analysis for Checking Properties of Concurrent Java Programs
/Neumann, 1996/ A High-Level Object-Oriented Specification Language for Configuration Management and Tool Integration
/Nguyen, 1994/ The Software Meta-process: Taxonomy and Assessment
/Nguyen, 1996/ Towards a Rigorous Approach for Managing Process Evolution
/Nguyen, 1997/ Total Software Process Model Evolution in EPOS (Experience Report)
/Nguyen, 1998/ Total Software Process Model Evolution in EPOS
/Nicholls, 1990/ Z User Workshop
/Nickel, 2000/ The FUJABA Environment#
/Nielsen, 2000/ RAMSES - Rapid Application Development in Military Software Systems
/Nishimatsu, 1999/ Call-Mark Slicing: An Efficient and Economical Way of Reducing Slice
/Nishiyama, 2000/ Technology Transfer Macro-Process - A Practical Guide for the Effective Introduction of Technology
/Noack, 2000/ Entwicklung, Einsatz und Pflege von Vorgehensmodellen in der Sparkassenorganisation
/Nomura, 1987/ Use of Software Engineering Tools in Japan
/Noth, 1984/ Aufwandschätzung von DV-Projekten Darstellung und Praxisvergleich der wichtigsten Verfahren
/Notkin, 1988/ Applying software process models to the full lifecycle is premature
/Nuseibeh, 1993/ Fine-Grain Process Modelling
/Nuseibeh, 1995/ Decentralised Process Modelling
/Nuseibeh, 1996/ When Agents Clash
/Nuseibeh, 2000/ Requirements Engineering: A Roadmap
/Nüttgens, 1998/ Objektorientierte Systementwicklung mit der Unified Modeling Language (UML)

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