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Id. Title
/O'Brien, 2000/ Using ISO/IEC TR 15504 for software process improvement
/O'Hara, 2000/ European Experiences with Software Process Improvement
/Obbink, 1995/ Process Differentiation and Integration: the Key to Just-in-Time in Product Development
/Ochimizu, 1990/ A process-oriented architecture with knowledge acquisition and refinement mechanisms on software processes
/Ohki, 1988/ Process programming with prolog
/Oliver, 1999/ Validation of Object Oriented Models using Animation
/Oquendo, 1990/ Building object and process-centered software environments on the PCTE public tool interface
/Oquendo, 1991/ The Masp approach to software description, instantiation and enaction
/Oquendo, 1991b/ Supporting Software Process Communication and Cooperation through Object Sets
/Oquendo, 2000/ Overcoming Inadequacies in Process Modelling: The Need for Decisioning be a First-Class Citizen
/Orci, 2000/ Dynamic Capability Maturity Model for Small Organisations
/Ossher, 1999/ Hyper/J(tm): Multi Dimensional Separation of Concern for Java(tm)
/Ossher, 2000/ Hyper/J(tm): Multi-Dimensional Separation of Concerns for Java(tm)
/Östereich, 1998/ Prozeßmodellierung mit Hilfe von UML-Aktivitätsdiagrammen für die inkrementell-iterative, anwendungsfallgetriebene und architekturzentrierte Anwendungsentwicklung
/Östereich, 1999/ Erfolgreich mit Objektorientierung: Vorgehensmodelle und Managementpraktiken für die objektorientierte Softwareentwicklung
/Osterweil, 1986/ Software Processes are Software Too
/Osterweil, 1987/ Software Processes are Software Too
/Osterweil, 1988/ Automated Support for the Enactment of Rigourously described Software Processes
/Osterweil, 1989/ Experiences with process programming
/Osterweil, 1989a/ Example process program code, coded in APPL/A
/Osterweil, 1990/ The architecture of the Arcadia-1 process centered software environment
/Osterweil, 1994a/ An alternative to software process languages
/Osterweil, 1999/ A Proposal for Scientific Approach to Comparative Evaluation of Process Definition Formalisms
/Ostolaza, 1999/ EFQM/SPICE Integrated Model: The Business Excellence Road for Software Organisations
/Ould, 1986/ Modelling iteration in the software process

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