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Id. Title
/Padberg, 1999/ A Probabilistic Model for Software projects
/Page-Jones, 1988/ The Practical Guide to Structured System Design
/Panaroni, 1996/ Report on Deploying Process Technology on an Industrial Space Software Project
/Pantelopoulos, 2000/ Practical Measurements for Reengineering - The Software Testing Process
/Pantelopoulos, 2000a/ Practical Measurements for Reengineering the Software Testing Proces
/Parets_Llorca, 1999/ Capturing, Negotiating, and Evolving System Requirements: Bridging WinWin and the UML
/Paulk, 1993/ Capability Maturity ModelSM for Software, Version 1.1
/Pavlopoulou, 1999/ Residual Test Coverage Monitoring
/PCMS, 1992/ MAESTRO II 2.1 PCMS Benutzerhandbuch
/Pedersen, 2000/ SPI and Outsourcing
/Pederson, 2000/ Systematic's experiences on running an ambitious SPI initiative
/Penedo, 1989/ Acquiring experiences with executable process models
/Penedo, 1990/ Experiences with SEE architectural support for the automation
/Penedo, 1991/ Making Process-Based Environments Viable
/Penedo, 1994/ Life-cycle (Sub) Process Scenario
/Penix, 2000/ Verification of Time Partitioning in the DEOS Scheduler Kernel
/Pérez, 1995/ Customising Software Process Models
/PERF-GU, 1991/ PERFORM Guides: Project Quality Audit, Version 1.0, Ref. GU03001
/PERF-RM, 1991a/ PERFORM Reference Manuals: Project Management, Version 1.1, Ref. RM01001
/PERF-RM, 1991b/ PERFORM Reference Manuals: Systems Integration, Version 1.1, Ref. RM02001
/PERF-RM, 1991c/ PERFORM Reference Manuals: Technical Applications, Version 1.0, Ref. RM02002
/PERF-RM, 1991d/ PERFORM Reference Manuals: Business Applications, Version 1.0, Ref. RM02003
/PERF-RM, 1991e/ PERFORM Reference Manuals: Pre-Study, Version 1.0, Ref. RM02006
/PERF-STD, 1991a/ PERFORM Standards: Project Monitoring and Reporting, Version 1.0, Ref. ST01002
/PERF-STD, 1991b/ PERFORM Standards: Company Quality System Audit, Version 1.0, Ref. ST03002
/PERF-STD, 1991c/ PERFORM Standards: Project Quality Plan, Version 1.0, Ref. ST03003
/PERF-STD, 1991d/ PERFORM Standards: Project Audit, Version 1.0, Ref. ST03004
/PERF-STD, 1991e/ PERFORM Standards: Company Quality Manual, Version 1.0, Ref. ST03005
/Perfect 1996/ A Platform for supporting the PERFECT methodology
/Perry, 1985/ Tools for evolving software
/Perry, 1986/ The iteration mechanism in the inscape environment
/Perry, 1988/ Problems of scale and process models
/Perry, 1990/ Policy and product-directed process instantiation
/Perry, 1991/ Policy-directed coordination and cooperation
/Perry, 1991a/ The ISPW7-Example Solution
/Perry, 1994a/ Issues in process architecture
/Perry, 1994b/ Enactment Control in Interact/Intermediate
/Perry, 1996/ Evaluating Workflow and Process Automation in Wide-Area Software Development
/Perry, 1999/ Collaboration Support in Multi-Site Software Development
/Perry, 2000/ Empirical Studies of Software Engineering: A Roadmap
/Peters, 1988/ Advanced Structured Analysis and Design
/Peuschel, 1990/ A flexible environment architecture as a basis for distributed software development
/Peuschel, 1990a/ ISPW--6 Exercise Solution
/Peuschel, 1991/ A Consistency Model for Team Cooperation
/Peuschel, 1991a/ ISPW--7 Exercise Solution
/Peuschel, 1992/ Concepts and Implementation of a Rule-Based Process Engine
/Peuschel, 1993/ Architectural Support for distributed process centered software development environments
/Pfahl, 2000/ Using Simulation to Visualise and Analyse Product-Process Dependencies in Software Development Projects
/Pfeifer, 1995/ EUROMETHOD: Inhalte, Status und Ausblick
/Phalp, 1994/ A Pragmatic Approach to Process Modelling
/Phalp, 2000/ The Application of Metrics to Industrial Prototyping Processes: An Empirical Study
/PHB, 1991/ Prozeßhandbuch für die Erstellung von Anwendersoftware und Realisierung von Projekten
/Phillips, 1988/ State change architecture: a protocol for executable process models
/Picco, 2000/ Developing Mobile Computing Applications with LIME
/Picco, 1999/ LIME: Linda Meets Mobility
/Pickerill, 1999/ What is this 'thing' called management commitment?
/Pietsch, 1995/ Konversion von Vorgehensmodellen
/Pietsch, 1997/ Effektives werkzeuggestütztes Prozessmanagement
/Pisan, 2000/ Extending Requirement Specifications Using Analogy
/Pitterman, 2000/ Telcordia Technologies:The Journey to High Maturity
/Plekhanova, 1998/ On Project Management Scheduling where Human Resource is a Critical Variable
/Pletat, 1984/ Theory and concepts for a software engineering environment
/Plihon, 1998/ A Reuse-Oriented Approach for the Construction of Scenario Based Methods
/Podnar, 2000/ SDL Based Approach to Software Process Modelling
/Podorizhny, 1997/ The Criticality of Modeling Formalisms in Software Design Method Comparison: Experience Report
/Poerwantoro, 2000/ Multibook's Test Environment
/Ploenzke, 1991/ ISOTEC-Version 2.2
/Pohl, 1994/ Decision oriented process modelling
/Polo, 1999/ Using The ISO/IEC 12207 Tailoring Process For Defining a Maintenance Process
/Ponhoefer, 1997/ Migration eines Projektes vom BVB-Phasenmodell zum V-Modell
/Pooley, 2000/ Software Engineering for Performance: A Roadmap
/Potts, 1989/ A Generic Model for Representing Design Methods
/Potts, 1984a/ Proceedings of the Software Process Workshop
/Pressmann, 1996/ Software Process Impediment
/Pressmann, 1998/ Can Internet-Based Applications be Engineered?
/Prince, 1999/ The Design of an Interactive Online Help Desk in the Alexandria Digital Library
/Prowell, 1999/ Cleanroom Software Engineering: Technology and Process
/Pulford, 1995/ Quantitative Apporach to Software Management
/Purper, 1998/ A Graphical Development Process Assistant
/Purper, 1999a/ Mapping IEEE 1220 and V-Model
/Purper, 1999b/ GDPA: A Process Web-Center
/Purper, 1999c/ An environment to support flexibility in process standards
/Purper, 1999d/ Process Web-Centre as a learning environment for software process standards
/Purper, 1999e/ GDPA: a Learning Environment for Software Process Standards
/Purper, 2000/ Transcribing Process Model Standards into Meta-Processes
/Purper, 2000b/ GDPA: A Process Web-Centre for the V-Model
/Purper, 2000c/ Web-Center for Software Process Technologies
/Putnam, 1980/ Software Cost Estimating and Life-Cycle-Control (Tutorial)

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