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Id. Title
/Raasch, 1991/ Systementwicklung mit Strukturierten Methoden
/Rahhal, 1996/ Estimating the Effort of Implementing ISO 9001 in Software Organizations
/Rahikkala, 2000/ From VSC Attributes and Characteristics to SCM Challenges
/Ramakrishan, 2000/ LIGHTVIEWS - Visual Interactive Internet Environment for Learning OO Software Testing
/Ramampiaro, 1999/ Agent-based groupware: Challenges for cooperative transaction models
/Rameshsharma, 1999/ Moksha: Exploiting Ubiquity in Event Filtration-Control at the Multi-user Desktop
/Ramil, 1998/ Fuzzy Dynamics in Software Project Simulation and Support
/Ramil, 1999a/ Challenges facing Data Collection for Support and Study of Software Evolution Processes
/Ramil, 1999b/ Modelling Process Dynamics in Software Evolution Processes - Some Issues
/Ramil, 2000/ Why COCOMO Works' Revisited or Feedback Control as a Cost Factor
/Ramil, 2000a/ The FEAST Approach to Quantitative Process Modelling of Software Evolution Processes
/Ramos, 1999/ The Dynamic Models for Software Development Projects and the Machine Learning Techniques
/Rausch, 2000/ Software Evolution in Componentware Using Requirements/Assurances Contracts
/Redwine, 1983/ An Engineering Approach to Software Test Case Design
/Redwine, 1986/ The software development process as a fault-tolerant system
/Redwine, 1988/ Software reuse processes
/Redwine, 1989/ Software process dependability
/Redwine, 1990/ Organizational properties and software process models
/Redwine, 1991/ Software Process Architecture Issues
/Rege, 1999/ Design Patterns for Component-Oriented Software Development
/Reid, 1999/ Prototyping Real-Time Vision Systems: An Experiment in DSL Design
/Reifer, 1989/ Economics of Ada: Estimation and Control
/Reisig, 1985/ Systementwurf mit Netzen
/Reisig, 1986/ Petrinetze, eine Einführung
/Reisin, 1989/ Gestaltbarkeit und Gestaltung von Methoden - zwei notwendige Bedingungen kooperativer Software-Entwicklung
/Reiss, 1989/ Conceptual programming
/Reynolds, 1976/ Induction as the Basis for Program Verification
/Rice, 1999/ The Development of Standards in the Mobile Telephone Industry and their Effect on Regional Industry Growth
/Richter, 1985/ The Development of Standards in the Mobile Telephone Industry and their Effect on Regional Industry Growth
/Riddle,1986/ Modelling software development in the large
/Riddle,1987/ Improving the Software Process
/Riddle,1990/ ISPW6 Opening Session Summary
/Rifkin, 2000/ When the Project Absolutely Must Get Done: Marrying the Organization Chart with the Precedence
/Rising, 2000/ The Scrum Software Development Process for Small Teams
/Roan, 1999/ A PIE one year after: APPLY
/Roberts, 1988/ Describing and Acting Process Models with PML
/Roberts, 1989/ Dynamics of process models in PML
/Robertson, 1994/ An Implementation of the ISPW-6 Process Example
/Robertson, 1995/ Process Modelling Case Studies: a Tentative Characterisation
/Robillard, 1999/ Analysing Exception Flow in Java Programs
/Robinson, 1990/ Negotiation Behavior During Requirements Specification
/Roche, 1998/ Building Software under the Lamppost of Process Measurement
/Rockwell, 1992/ Software Development is a Communication Process
/Rodden, 1994/ Process Modelling and Development Practice
/Rodenbach, 2000/ SPI, A Guarantee for Success?
/Roman, 2000/ Software Engineering for Mobility: A Roadmap
/Rombach, 1988/ A specification framework for software processes: formal specification and derivation of information base requirements
/Rombach, 1989/ Specification of software process measurement
/Rombach, 1990/ A framework for assesing process representations
/Rombach, 1991/ Modularizing Software Process for Reuse
/Rombach, 1994/ How to Assess a Software Process Modeling Formalism from a Project's Member Point of View
/Rombach, 1999/ Die Experience Factor: Lernen in der Softwareentwicklung
/Rombach, 2000/ Fraunhofer: The German Model for Applied Research and Technology Transfer
/Ronkainen, 1999/ Automating SCM Metric Data Collection and Analysis in Virtual Software Corporations
/Rosenberg, 1985/ PRISM - Productivity Improvement for Software Engineers and Managers
/Rosove, 1967/ Developing Computer-based Information Systems
/Rossi, 1999/ Moving Towards Modelling Oriented Software Process Engineering: A Shift from Descriptive to Prescriptive Process Modelling
/Rossi, 1998/ Practical Approach to Software Process Modelling Language Engineering
/Rothermel, 2000/ WYSIWYT Testing in the Spreadsheet Paradigm: An Empirical Evaluation
/Rountev, 1999/ Data-Flow Analysis of Program Fragments
/Rout, 1999/ An architecture for defining processes of the software and system life cycles
/Rout, 2000/ Evolving SPICE - the Future for ISO/IEC 15504
/Rout, 2000a/ The rapid assessment of software process capability
/Royce, 1970/ Managing the Development of Large Software Systems: Concepts and Techniques
/Royce, 1990/ TRW's Ada Process Model for Incremental Development of Large Sofware Systems
/RTCA-178B/ Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification
/RTCA-178B/ Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification
/Rueher, 1988/ Capturing software processes through the generated objects
/Rueher, 1990/ Formalizing operations and relationships on objects to support dynamic refinement of process models instances
/Rumbaugh, 1995a/ OMT - The object model
/Rumbaugh, 1995b/ OMT - The functional model
/Runeson, 2000/ An Evaluation of Functional Size Methods and a Bespoke Estimation Method for Real-Time Systems
/Rupp, 1998/ Sprachliche Methoden des Requirement Engineering
/Rupp, 2000/ Linguistic methods of Requirements Engineering (NLP)
/Ruth, 2000/ Wissen transferieren und Handeln ermöglichen – welchen Anteil Vorgehensmodelle

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