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Id. Title
/Sa, 1992/ Integrating a Formal Specification Method with PML: A Case Study
/Sa, 1993/ A Formal Description of the ISPW-6 Software Process Example
/Sa, 1994/ Modelling Processes Using a Stepwise Refinement Technique
/Sa, 1995/ A Reflexive Formal Software Process Model
/Scacchi, 1988/ Modelling software evolution: a knowledge-based approach
/Scacchi, 1989/ A Reflexive Formal Software Process Model
/Saeki, 1991/ A Method for Software Process Modeling and Description using LOTOS
/Sakamoto, 1998/ Toward Computational Support for Software Process Improvement Activities
/Salviano, 2000/ Introducing software patterns to SPICE community
/Sanz, 2000/ BIG-CMM: A validity study
/Sawyer, 1999/ Improving Market-Driven RE Processes
/Schader Rundshagen, 1996/ Objektorientierte Systemanalyse
/Schäfer, 1994/ Cooperation patterns in PSEEs
/Scheer, 1992/ Architektur integrierter Informationssysteme
/Scherrer, 1995/ Über den Umgang nit unstrukturiertenInformationen in einem evolutionären Vorgehensmodell: die frühen Phasen in ProMISE
/Schick, 1973/ Assessment of Software Reliability
/Schleicher, 1999a/ Objektorientierte Modellierung von Entwicklungsprozessen mit der UML (Object-oriented Modeling of Development Processes with UML)
/Schleicher, 1999b/ High-Level Modeling of Development Processes
/Schmid, 2000/ Customizing the PuLSE Product Line Approach to the Demands of an Organization
/Schmid, 2000a/ Introducing a Software Modeling Concept in a Medium-Sized Company
/Schneider, 2000/ Active Probes - Synergy in Experience-Based Process
/Schneider, 2000a/ LIDs: A Light-Weight Approach to Experience Elicitation and Reuse
/Schoechle, 1999/ Toward a Theory of Standards
/Schönthaler, 1990/ Software Entwicklungswerkzeuge: Methodische Grundlagen
/Schreiber, 1993/ KADS: A Principled Approach to Knowledge-Based System Development
/Schreiber, 1994/ CommonKADS: a comprehensive methodology for KBS development (innovations in knowledge-based systems)
/Schreiber, 1999/ Knowledge Engineering and Management: The CommonKADS Methodology
/Schulz, 1988/ Software-Entwurf - Methoden und Werkzeuge
/Schuppan_2000/ A CMM-Based Evaluation of the V-Model 97
/Schuster, 1999/ A Configuration Management Approach for Large Workflow Management Systems
/Schwan, 87/ A System for Parallel Programming
/Schwartz, 1986/ Software evolution management
/Schwartz, 1987/ Software Evolution Management: An Integrated Discipline for Managing Software
/SDL, 1985a/ Functional Specification and Description Language (SDL) - Vol.VI.10
/SDL, 1985b/ Functional Specification and Description Language (SDL) - Vol.VI.11
/SDL, 1985c/ SDL course
/SDL, 1988/ Entwicklung von Systemen mit einem SDL-Toolset
/SDL, 1991/ SDL with Applications from Protocol Specification
/SDL, 1992/ Message Sequence Chart (MSC)
/Seaman, 1994/ OPT: organization and process together
/Seaman, 1997/ An empirical study of communication in code inspections
/Seemann, 1998/ Pattern-Based Design Recovery of Java Software
/Seffah, 1999/ An Architecture Framework for Process Support and Distribution over the Internet
/Seifert, 1991/ Realtime-CASE: Die Spezifikation reaktiver Systeme
/Selby, 91/ Metric-Driven Analysis and Feedback Systems for Enabling Empirically Guided Software Development
/Selvin, 1999/ Repurposing Requirements: Improving Collaborative Sense-Making over the Lifecycle
/SEMSTC, 1990/ The Semantics of Statecharts, V 3.0
/Seppänen, 2000/ A Relationship-Based View to Software Engineering Competence
/Serbanati, 1987/ Interform: A CAD System for Program Development
/Shan, 1999/ FlowJet: Internet-based E-Service Process Management
/Sharp, 1998/ The role of "culture" in successful software process improvement
/Sharp, 2000/ An Interactive Multimedia Software House Simulation for postgraduate Software Engineers
/Shaw, 2000/ Software Engineering Education: A Roadmap
/Sheard, 1998/ Systems Engineering Standards and Models Compared
/Sherdil, 1994/ Personal "Progress Functions" in the Software Process
/Sherdil, 1996/ Human-Oriented Improvement in the Software Process
/Sherif, 1999/ Contribution Towards a Theory of Standardization in Telecommunications
/Shinoda, 1990/ Object-oriented software processes and their environment
/Shlaer, Mellor, 1992/ Object Lifecycles - Modeling the World in States
/Shumate, 1992/ Software Specification and Design - A Disciplined Approach for Real-Time Systems
/Siakas, 2000/ A field-study of Cultural Influences on Software Process Improvement in a global Organisation
/Siff, 1999/ Coping with Type Casts in C
/Simmonds, 1991/ Evolving Towards Support for Process Related Sub-Environments
/Simmonds, 1991a/ Software Process Modeling Example Solution: Creating ReadyToUse East-Environments
/Simone, 1999/ Interoperability as a Means of Articulation Work
/Sinha, 1999/ System-Dependence-Graph-Based Slicing of Programs With Arbitrary Interprocedural Control Flow
/Sneed, 1987/ Software-Management
/Sneed, 1988/ Software-Qualitätssicherung
/Sneed, 1991/ Software-Aufwandsschätzung mit DATA-POINTS
/Snelting, 1998/ Reengineering Class Hierarchies Using Concept Analysis
/Snowdon, 1992/ An Example of Process Change
/Snowdon, 1994/ An Introduction to Process-Centered Environments
/Snowdon, 1996/ Active Models and Process Support
/Song, 1994/ Engineering Software Design Processes to Guide Process Execution
/Sommerville, 1984/ Are we real software engineers?
/Sommerville, 1992/ Understanding the Software Process as a Social Process
/Sommerville, 1994/ Supporting Informality in the Software Process
/Sommerville, 1995/ Process Viewpoints
/Sommerville, 1997/ Requirements Engineering - A Good Practice Guide
/Spence, 2000/ Automated Testing for User Interfaces - ESSI PIE DATES
/Spring, 1999/ Usability of a Collaborative Authoring System for Standards Development: Preferences, Problems, and Prognosis
/Srivastava, 1986/ The Use of Software Reliability Models in the Analysis of Operational Systems
/Stalhane, 2000/ Quality Metrics and the Kano Model
/STANAG 4159, 1991/ Configuration Management Policy and Procedures for Multinational Joint Projects
/Starke, 1992/ SA/CM/IM for Process Modelling
/Starke, 1994/ Why is Process Modelling so Difficult?
/Starr, 1996/ How to Build Shlaer/Mellor Object Models
/Stearns, 1989/ Agents and the HP NewWave Application Program Interface
/Stein, 1994/ Strategische Anwendungsentwicklung: Ein Vorgehensmodell
/Steindl, 1999/ The Oberon Slicing Tool
/Steinmann, 2000/ Der Faktor Mensch und Prozeßstandardisierung
/Steinmann, 1999/ Prozeßorganisation der Systementwicklung
/Steinmetz, 1996/ Erfahrungen bei der Arbeit mit dem V-Modell
/Stenning, 1987/ On the Role of an Environment
/Stevens, 1998/ Systems Reengineering Patterns
/Schoitsch, 2000/ A Standardized Process Improvement Approach for the Development of Dependable Software-Intensive Systems
/Stotts, 1994/ Process models as multi-reader collaborative hyperdocuments
/Stuurman, 1998/ On-Line Change Mechanisms the Software Architecture Level
/Strader, 1995/ Space Shuttle Onboard Software (OBS) Development and Maintenance Process Automation
/Striemer, 1997/ Beschreibung und Analyse von Vorgehensmodellen zur Entwicklung von betrieblichen Workflow-Anwendungen
/Strunz, 1977/ Entscheidungstabellentechnik: Grundlagen und Anwendungsmöglichkeiten bei der Gestaltung rechnergestützter Informationssysteme
/Studer, 1994/ Das MIKE-Prozeßmodell
/Subramaniam, 2000/ Object Model Resurrection - An Object-Oriented Software Maintenance Activity
/Sugiyama, 1989/ OPM: an object process modelling environment
/Sugiyama, 1989a/ Describing working environments in OPM
/Sugiyama, 1990/ Language support for object process modeling
/Suhara, 1990/ A framework for describing software design processes
/Sukert, 1977/ An Investigation of Software Reliability Models
/Sullivan, 1999/ Information Survivability Control Systems
/Sunohara, 1981/ Program Complexity Measure for Software Development Management
/Sutton, 1990/ Language Constructs for Managing Change in Process-Centered Environments
/Sutton, 1991/ Acommodating manual activities in automated process programs
/Sutton, 1991a/ APPL/A A Solution for ISPW7 Resource-Management Problem
/Sutton, 1991b/ APPL/A A Solution for ISPW7 Coordination and Communication Problem
/Sutton, 1991c/ APPL/A A Solution for ISPW7 Process-Modification Problem
/Sutton, 1995/ APPL/A: A Language for Software-Process Programming
/Sutton, 1996/ Product Families and Process Families
/Sutton, 2000/ The Role of Process in a Software Start-up
/Sutton W.L., 1988/ Advanced models of the software process
/Suzuki, 1991/ Meta-Operations in the Process Model HFSP for the Dynamics and Flexibility of Software Processes
/Suzuki, 1993/ A formal model of re-execution in software process
/Svendsen, 2000/ WHEN - Release Decision Metrics
/Sylaidis, 2000/ Applying Gilb's Inspection Methodology to Iimprove Telecommunications Software Development Process
/Symons, 1988/ Function Point Analysis: Difficulties and Improvements

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