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Id. Title
/Tahara, 1999/ Agent System Development Method Based on Agent Patterns
/Takao, 1999/ The Effects of Narrow-bandwidth Multipoint Videoconferencing on Group Decision Making and Turn Distribution
/Tamai, 1991/ Backtrack and Foresight in Software Process
/Tanaka, 1995/ Improvement of Software Process by Process Description and Benefit Estimation
/Tankoano, 1994/ Software Process Design Based on Products and the Object Oriented Paradigm
/Tanner, 1998/ Projektmanagement von OO-Großprojekten
/Tarhan, 1999/ A Distributed Tool for Commitment Specification and Management
/Tarr, 1999/ N Degrees of Separation: Multi-Dimentional Separation of Concerns
/Taylor, 1986/ Concurrency and software process model
/Taylor, 1988/ Foundations for the Arcadia Environment Architecture
/Taylor I., 1992/ Using SPL to Model ISO 9000
/TEC-Ein, 1993/ SEtec Einführung
/TEC-Meth, 1993/ SEtec Methodenmodell
/TEC-Vor, 1993/ SEtec Vorgehensmodell-Anwendungsentwicklung
/Theaker, 2000/ The introduction and evaluation of object orientation in a company developing real-time embedded systems
/Thelin, 1999/ Capture-Recapture Estimations for Perspective-Based Reading - A Simulated Experiment
/Thomas, 1989/ The software process as a goal-directed activity
/Thomas, 1990/ Multiple paradigm descriptions of software process
/Thompson , 1999/ Specification-based Prototyping for Embedded Systems
/Thumb, 1975/ Grundlagen und Praxis der Netzplantechnik, Band 1 und 2
/Thunquest, 1991/ Supporting Task Management and Process Automation in the Softbench Development Environment
/Tiako, 1998/ Process Modeling to Federate PCEs: Basic Concepts and Perspectives
/Tiako, 1999/ PSEEs Modelling for Supporting and Improving Collaborative Joint Software Development Process
/Tiako, 1999b/ Modelling Trusted Process Components for Distributed Software Development
/Tichy, 1998/ Should Computer Scientists Experiment More? 16 Reasons to Avoid Experimentation
/Titze, 2000/ Improvement of Configuration Management System
/Tombros, 1999/ Workflow Management for the Virtual Enterprise
/Tortorella, 1999/ A Reading-based Scenario for ChaRacterising and Exploiting Process Components
/Totland, 1995/ A Survey and Classification of Some Research Areas Relevant to Software Process Modeling
/Trillium, 1994/ Trillum: Model for Telecom Product Development & Support Process Capability
/Tryde, 2000/ An organisational Implementation Approach for SPI in Practice
/Tully, 1984/ System development models
/Tully, 1986/ Software process model and iteration
/Tully, 1988a/ Proceedings of the 4th International Software Process Workshop
/Tully, 1988b/ Software process models and programs: observations on their nature and context
/Tully, 1990/ The implications of process support software for environment architectures
/Tully, 1995/ The Software Process and the Modelling of Complex Systems
/Tumm, 1972/ Die neuen Methoden der Entscheidungsfindun
/Turgeon-Tasse, 1996/ A Systematic, View-based Approach to Eliciting Process Models
/Turgeon-Tasse, 2000/ View-based vs traditional modeling approaches: which is better?
/Turksma, 2000/ The Introduction of Tool-Assisted Configuration Management In a Small Organization
/Turski, 1984/ Completeness and executability of specifications: Two confusing notions

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