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Id. Title
/Valerio, 1999a/ An industrial experience in improving the software process through domain analysis
/Valerio, 1999b/ Component-based domain engineering: an industrial experience
/Valerio, 1999c/ Improving the Software process through domain Analysis: A case study
/Valetto, 1995/ Enveloping "Persistent"Tools for a Process-Centered Environment
/van Deursen, 1999/ Identifying Objects using Cluster and Concept Analysis
/Van Lamsweerde, 1991/ The KAOS Project: Knowledge Acquisition in Automated Specification of Software
/Van Lamsweerde, 1998/ Managing Conflicts in Goal-Driven Requirements Engineering
/Van Lamsweerde, 2000/ Formal Specification: A Roadmap
/van Latum, 1996/ No Improvement Without Feedback: Experiences from Goal-Oriented Measurement at Schlumberger
/van Latum, 2000/ Product Driven Process Improvement PROFES Experiences at Dräger
/Van Solingen, 1999a/ The Goal/Question/Metric Method (GQM): A practical method for quality improvement of software development
/Van Solingen, 1999b/ Product Focused Process Improvement in the Embedded Systems Industry
/Van Solingen, 1999c/ Tailoring product focused SPI
/Van Solingen, 2000/ No Improvement without Learning - Prerequisites for learning the relations between process and product in practice
/Van Veenendaal, 1999/ Questionnaire based usability testing
/van Zyl, 2000/ Process innovation - Using the ISO/IEC TR 15504 and additions for building a capable software development organization
/VDI, 1989/ Lastenheft/Plichtenheft für den Einsatz von Automatisierungssystemen - Entwurf
/Vefsnmo, 1985/ DASOM - A Software Engineering Tool for Communication Applications Increasing Productivity and Software Quality
/Vercoulen, 1999/ Aspects of Standardisation Standard Selection Modes in Dynamic, Complex Industries: Creating Hybrids between Market Selection and Negotiated Selection of Standards
/Vergano, 1999/ Early testing of Embedded Software /Verlage, 1994/ Multi-View Modelling of Software Processes
/Verlage, 1996a/ Towards Software Process Modules
/Verlage, 1997a/ Experience with Software Process Modeling
/Verlage, 1997b/ Formalizing Software Engineering Standards
/Verlage, 1998a/ Vorgehensmodelle und Ihre Formalisierung
/Verlage, 1998b/ Modellierung für Vorgehensmodelle
/Verlage, 1998c/ From Process Design to Process Implementation
/Verlage, 1998d/ An Approach for Capturing Large Software Development Processes by Integration of Views Modeled Independently
/Versteegen, 2000/ Das V-Modell in der Praxis: Grundlagen, Erfahrungen, Werkzeuge
/Vertraeten, 1999/ Creating a solid configuration- and test-management infraestructure to improve the team development of critical systems
/Vetter, 1990/ Aufbau betrieblicher Informationssysteme
/Vieira, 2000/ Analyzing Software Architectures with Argus-I
/Vishik, 1999/ Knowledge Sharing, Quality and Intermediation
/VM 1990/ Software-Entwicklungsstandard der Bundeswehr. AU250 Version 2.0. 1990
/VM 1992/ V-Model 92 - Developing Standard for IT Systems of the Federal Republic of Germany. General Directive No. 250. August 92.
/VM 1997/ V-Model 97, Lifecycle Process Model -Developing Standard for IT Systems of the Federal Republic of Germany. General Directive No. 250. June 97
/Voigt, 1971/ Fünf Wege der Netzplantechnik
/Vossen, 1988/ Datenmodelle, Datenbanksprachen und Datenbank-Management-Systeme
/Votta, 1993/ Comparing One Formal to Informal Process Description
/Votta, 1994/ By the way, has anyone studied any real programmers yet?

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