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Id. Title
/Yakimovich, 1999/ Software architecture classification for estimating the cost of COTS integration
/Yamada, 1985/ Software Reliability Growth Modelling: Models and Applications
/Yang Y., 1995/ Coordination for process support is not enough!
/Yang Y., 1998/ Issues on Supporting Distributed Software Processes
/Yasumoto, 1994/ Software Process Description Using LOTOS and Its Enaction
/Yeh, 1977/ Verification of Programs by Predicate Transformation
/Yonezaki, 1985/ Logical environments for natural language approach
/Young, 1994a/ Human-executed operations in the teamware process programming system
/Yourdon, 1989/ Modern Structured Analysis
/Yourdon-Constantine, 1979/ Structured Design: Fundamentals of a Discipline of Computer Program and Systems Design
/Yu, 1994/ Understanding "Why" in Software Process Modelling, Analysis, and Design
/Yur, 1999/ An Incremental Flow- and Context-sensitive Pointer Aliasing Analysis

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