Software Lifecycle Model (SLCM)  

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Software Lifecycle Model (SLCM)


Reference /Scacchi, 2001/ Process Models in Software Engineering
A software life cycle model is either a descriptive or prescriptive characterization of how software is or should be developed.
Traditional models are context-free rather than context-sensitive.
Rationales Traditional software life cycle models:
  • Waterfall

  • Stepwise Refinement

  • Incremental Development

  • Industrial and Military Standards and Capability Models
  • Alternatives to the traditional software life cycle models:

  • Software Product Development Model Product Model

  • Software Production Process Model Production Process

  • 1995
    Reference /IEEE 1074, 1995/ IEEE 1074-1995 - IEEE Standard for Developing Software Lifecycle Processes.
    The skeleton framework selected by each using organization on which to map the Activities of this standard to produce the software life cycle.

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