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    ESSI - European Software System Initiative



    European Commission


    ESSI was launched in 1993, and has to date supported over 300 projects across a wide range of industries, with strong SME participation.

    ESSI has supported seven types of project, following Calls for Proposals in 1993 (the ESSI Pilot Phase), in 1995, in 1996 and lastly in 1997:

  • 1.27 Assessments
  • 1.28 Process Improvement Experiments (PIEs)
  • 1.29 Dissemination Actions
  • 1.30 Experience/User Networks
  • 1.31 Training Actions
  • 1.36 ESSI PIE Nodes (ESPINODEs)
  • 1.37 ESSI Software Best Practice Networks (ESBNETs)

    The numbers refer to the task references, as given in the ESPRIT Workprogramme.

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