ECSS-E-40 - Software Engineering Standard  

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    ECSS-E-40 - Software Engineering Standard


    ECSS -European Cooperation for Space Standardization


    The ECSS-E-40 cover all aspects of space software engineering including requirements definition, design, production, verification and validation, and transfer, operations and maintenance.

    It defines the scope of the space software engineering process and its interfaces with management and product assurance, which are addressed in the Management (-M) and Product Assurance (-Q) branches of the ECSS System, and explains how they apply in the software engineering process.

    This standard is intended to help customers in formulating their requirements and suppliers in preparing their response and implementing the work.

    This standard can be downloaded after filling up a license agreement formular which can be accessed at: ECSS License Agreement.


    /ECSS E 40, 1999/ ECSS E 40 - Software Engineering Standards

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