ECSS-Q80 - Software Product Assurance Standard  

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    ECSS-Q80 - Software Product Assurance Standard


    ECSS -European Cooperation for Space Standardization


    The objectives of the software product assurance are to provide adequate confidence to the customer and to the contractors that developed or re-used software satifies the requirements throughout the system lifetime. In particular the software should perform properly and safely in the operational environment and the software product should meet quality objectives.

    This standard (as tailored for a particular contract) contributes to these objectives by defining the software product assurance requirements to be met in a particular space project. These requirements deal with quality management and framework, life cycle activities and process definition and quality characteristics of products.

    This standard can be downloaded after filling up a license agreement formular which can be accessed at: ECSS License Agreement.


    /ECSS Q 80, 1996/ ECSS-Q80 - Software Product Assurance Standard

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