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Annex 1 Operational Review  


  • 1 Identification/Definition of the Method
  • 2 Brief Characteristic of the Method
  • 3 Application of the Method in the V-Model
  • 4 Interfaces
  • 5 Further Information
  • 6 Literature
  • 1 Identification/Definition of the Method

    /IEEE 1028, 1988/ chap. 4, pp. 12-13

    2 Brief Characteristic of the Method

    Next, the procedure presented within the scope of the description of the category REV - Review in the Methods Standard is stated more precisely.

    With regard to the planning, no more details are required.

    Presentations about selected subjects can be generated for the meeting during the preparation phase. The information for the operational reviews is also based on the project documentation and the assessment reports for the completed product assessments. In an operational review meeting, prepared presentations can be made for the team members, if required. However, individual documents are not presented. The objective of the meeting is the assessment of the project as a whole, and the definition of the project state. The project state is evaluated with regard to technical, economical, time schedule, and management aspects. A decision is made about the course of the project. The moderator is responsible for the documentation of the operational review results. If necessary, the team members contribute information about their individual areas.

    3 Application of the Method in the V-Model

    The individual method is applied to realize the phase review (activity QA5 - QA Reporting).

    4 Interfaces

    - not applicable -

    5 Further Information

    /IEEE 1028, 1988/ refers to the operational review as management review. In the Methods Standard, this term is not used, however, since it has been allocated a different meaning in /ISO DIS 8402-1, 1991/. In the ISO standard, a management review is defined as a formal evaluation of the state and the adequacy of the quality management system with regard to the quality-based strategy as well as the objectives of the upper management.

    6 Literature

    /IEEE 1028, 1988/ Original Literature
    /ISO DIS 8402-1, 1991/ ISO Definition of the term "Management Review"

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