Topics for Theses

Some topics may only be available in German – so make sure to check the German topics as well!

Algorithmic Art

Algorithmics and Aesthetcs. An analysis of, and a medium for Manfred Mohr’s art

The Interactive Installation – a genre of art. Its impact on Digital Media by way of case studies

Continuing Georg Nees’ work: interactive & animated

The Great Mondrian Project

An Interactive Approach to Piet Mondrian

From Algorithm to Interaction. Four Interactive Installations

Josef Albers’ book “Formulation : Articulation”. An exceptional study for understanding Digital Media

The digital line – a contradiction in terms

The selfie. A new form of digital-born art

Conceptual art, computational art, Sol LeWitt


History of Algorithmic Art (in connection with project compArt)

The History of the First International Contest on Computer Art

Gene Youngblood’s “Expanded Cinema” and Current Digital Media

Virtual Galleries as Access to a Database

History of early algorithmic art embedded into history of art

Art & Democracy. A case study of »Tendencies 4« in Zagreb 1968

Selected Topics from the History of Digital Art

Art, geometry, topology. Cube and Hypercube in digital art

Still not recognized. The exhibition of 1966 at Deutsches Rechenzentrum Darmstadt


(Digital) Media

History and Concept of “Digital Media“ and “Medieninformatik“: In search of understanding digital media

Interfaces and their Aesthetics. Mishmash

Language & Reality. A case study and media about University of Bremen

The Staircase – a remarkable medium, unknown

The end of the Gutenberg galaxy & the future of the book

Stripping naked. An emirical study of voluntarily delivering personal data

Pictorial Philosophy. It it possible?


Semiotics & Related Topics

Seriously: Death of the designer. With Roland Barthes

Semiotic Soup, tasty

The wealth of signs against a poverty of interfaces