20th International Workshop on Algebraic Development Techniques WADT 2010

Schloss Etelsen, Germany, 1st-4th July 2010

Getting to Etelsen

Etelsen is a small village about 25 km far from Bremen and can be reached as follows:

By train

Bremen has very good connections to the international railway networks. There is an easy page for looking up your connections. You can put "Etelsen" as destination there and also buy your ticket with Etelsen as destination.
Alternatively, put "Bremen" as destination, and make a separate search for the local train from Bremen to Etelsen (trains leave every half an hour and take 20 minutes, the last train leaves around midnight). One can buy tickets from the vending machines at the main station (also with English language support).

By plane

Bremen has a good connection to many international airports, either directly or e.g. via Frankfurt.
Once arrived at Bremen airport, there is an excellent tram connection to Bremen main station (tram number 6, leaving directly in front of the arrival terminal, duration: about 15 minutes) and Etelsen can be reached from Bremen main station by regional trains in about 20 minutes. Trains in direction Etelsen leave every 30 minutes and one can buy tickets from the vending machines (also with English language support). Altogether, tram and train will take about 45 minutes. You can look up your connection with tram and train by putting "Flughafen, Bremen" as start and "Etelsen" as destination.
Alternatively, you can get a taxi directly from the airport; the cost of a taxi trip to Etelsen is about 48 EUR.

By car

Enter "Bremer Strasse 2, 27299 Langwedel, Germany" into Google Maps and then choose the route planner.

Getting from Etelsen train station to the castle

The castle is about 800 meters away from Etelsen train station (10 to 15 min by foot), see the location on the Google Maps.
If you need a taxi, you can order it via the reception of Schloss Etelsen +49-(0)4235-9300-0 or directly via the taxi company Jägeler +49-(0)4235-512.