SHIPTool - Implementation, Execution and Simulation Platform for Interactive Workflow Assistance and Monitoring Processes

The SHIPTool provides an implementation, execution and simulation platform for workflow processes integrating and monitoring existing devices and services to assist the user.

A brief overview over the different specification and implementation languages of the SHIPTool and its user interface is available here.


The Software is free software and distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (Version 3) available here.

  • Download: The SHIPTool is implemented in Scala-2.10.2 using Akka-2.2.1 and includes the Pellet reasoner. The current version 1.0 is available as a binary artifact here. Run the tool with
    java -Djava.library.path=lib  -jar SHIPTool.jar
    and type
    in the command line at the bottom of the SHIPTool window to get an overview of available commands. The sources are available here.


    For running the examples get and unzip examples/ You also need Yamamoto that only runs under windows to see the following simulations.

    Emergency Door and Light Control System

    The door control system example is a system that controls that doors are locked and lights are off at night, unless there is an emergency situation in which doors are unlocked and all lights are on.

    Select the use case Emergency and load and start the system.


    The transportation use case also takes place in the BAALL simulation in which there are two wheelchairs. Persons can request a transport to a position and the system handles the requests, assigns wheelchairs and controls their routes.

    Select the use case Transport and load examples/transport.cmd. Paul sits on Rolland at the Start and Eve on Rolland2 at the Table. Then request a transportation of Paul and/or Eve to any other place in the flat.


    Dr. Serge Autexier