Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics CICM, Paris July 2010

10th International Conference on
Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation

AISC 2010

Paris, France, July 5-6, 2010


Theoretical and applied research papers on all topics within the scope of the conference are invited. Submitted papers (in English) must not exceed 15 pages in length. The title page should contain the title, author(s) with affiliation(s), e-mail address(es), listing of keywords and abstract plus the topics from the list to which the paper is related. The program committee (PC) will subject all submitted papers to a peer review. Theoretical papers will be judged on their originality and contribution to their field, and applied papers on the importance and originality of the application. Results must be unpublished.
Every submission automatically competes for the Best Paper Award. Papers which have been mainly developed by (PhD) students can be marked as student papers upon submission to also compete for the Best Student Paper Award.
The web page for electronic submission is at

The proceedings of the conference will be published as a volume in the series Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI) by Springer-Verlag. Accepted papers will have to be prepared in LaTeX and formatted according to the requirements of the Springer's LNAI series (the corresponding style files can be downloaded from http://www.s and are the same for LNCS and LNAI).