S. Autexier's Portrait Dr. Serge Autexier
Senior Researcher
Head of Bremen Ambient Assisted Living Lab (BAALL)
Research Department Cyber-Physical Systems
DFKI Bremen
Cartesium, Room 1.49
Enrique-Schmidt-Str. 5
28359 Bremen
Email: {firstname}.{lastname}@dfki.de
Tel: +49 421 218 59834
Fax: +49 421 218 98 59834

Having a background in Computer Science (Diploma (MSc) in 1996 and doctoral degree (Dr.-Ing.) in 2003 both from Saarland University), I was a member of the AG Siekmann from 1996 to 2008, first at Saarland University and from January 2002 as a member of the Deduction and Multiagentsystems Lab at DFKI. From April 2004 Christoph Benzmüller and I were leading the OMEGA group at Saarland University. In July 2008 I moved to the Cyber-Physical Systems (formerly Safe and Secure Cognitive Systems) group at the DFKI Site in Bremen. Since February 2014 im the Head of the 'Bremen Ambient Assisted Living Lab (BAALL).'

  • Ambient Assisted Living, Intelligent/Smart Environments (see BAALL)
  • Automated reasoning, especially inductive theorem proving, difference reduction techniques, proof-planning, abstractions, Logical Frameworks
  • Software engineering, especially formal methods, tools supporting the formal software development process
  • Bringing deductive techniques and automated reasoning into practice
  • Change Management and Change Impact Analysis (Semantic, domain specific difference analysis and change impact analysis)
  • Development of
    • The SHIPTool: Implementation, Execution and Simulation Platform for Interactive Workflow Assistance and Monitoring Processes, developed in the SHIP project (also presented at Cebit 2013)
    • The Generic Change Management Framework GMoc for automatic semantic annotation, semantic difference analysis and semantic change impact analysis)
    • The Document and Tool Integration Platform DocTIP
    • The mathematical assistance system OMEGA
    • The development graph manager MAYA
    • The inductive theorem prover INKA 5.0
Services to the Scientific Community
Publications, Talks, CV, & others
Thesis Topics

  • Course (2+2): Korrekte Software: Grundlagen und Methoden, Bremen University, Di 12-14 & Do 14-16 (SoSe 2017)
  • Student project: Student Bachelor Project "Dialog@Home", Raum 1.05, Cartesium, (WiSe 2016/2017 until SoSe 2017)
  • Course (2+2): Korrekte Software: Grundlagen und Methoden, Bremen University, Mo 16-18 & Do 14-16 in MZH 1460 (SoSe 2016)
  • Seminar: Interaktion in Intelligenten Umgebungen, Bremen University, (SoSe 2016)

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