I am vice director and research administrator of the Cyber-Physical Systems group of the Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI) in Bremen, and a professor at the University of Bremen in the department for mathematics and computer science. A brief CV can be found here.


My research is concerned with formal program development and proof, formal methods, and its applications in particular to robotics; more details can be found here, and a list of my papers and publications can be found here.

Teaching (Lehre)

Current lectures:

Old lectures can be found in the Archive.

Contact details

If you want to reach me, here are my contact details. In any case, thank you for your interest. Any comments welcome at email address there.

I jump to my feet: if only I could stop thinking, that would be something of an improvement. Thoughts are the dullest things on earth. Even duller than flesh. They stretch out endlessly and they leave a funny taste in the mouth. Then there are words, the sketchy phrases which keep coming back: ``I must fini... I ex... Dead... Monsieur de Roll is dead... I am not... I ex...'' It goes on and on... and there's no end to it. It's worse than the rest because I feel responsible, I feel that I am to blame. For example, it is I who keep up this sort of painful rumination. I exist. It is I. The body lives all by itself, once it has started. But when it comes to thought, it is I who continue it, I who unwind it. I exist. I think I exist. Oh, how long and serpentine this feeling of existing is - and I unwind it, slowly... If only I could prevent myself from thinking! I try, I suceed: it seems as if my head is filling with smoke... And now it starts again: ``Smoke.. Mustn't think... I don't want to think... I don't want to think... I think that I don't want to think. I mustn't think that I don't want to think. Because it is still a thought.'' Will there never be an end to it?